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Weekly Recap #383 October 25th- Warframe The Old Blood, Armored Warfare, SWTOR & More!

Warframe Reveals Details for ‘The Old Blood’ Update: 0:29

Warframe: The Old Blood is on its way! Featuring the new Grendel warframe and a brand new antagonist: the Kuva Lich. You’ll have to hunt down clues and defeat the allies of the Lich before you can hope to stand a chance against the Kuva Lich. Each time the lich is defeated, it absorbs Tenno Abilities, amass resources and allies, and evolve to make the next encounter that much more challenging. Grendel, the new frame, has a new way to approach the game in general. He is armed with stomach-churning abilities that consume and regurgitate enemies, so he’s kinda like bacasura from Smite. Perhaps the biggest part of this update, however, is that Melee Changes Part 2 will launch. This features a reworked combo system that makes initiating, chaining and ending combos seamless and intuitive. There’s also the addition of Heavy Attacks that enable enemies to be lifted and much more. If you thought that was all, you’d be sorely mistaken. Ember and Vauban will both be receiving reworks! Vauban now comes armed with new explosives to play with, with added mobility and damage to help with his knack for immobilizing and damaging groups. Ember’s new Immolation gauge makes using her more of a challenge where precision is key. Casting abilities builds up the meter and generates defensive armor for Ember, but if it overflows a powerful wave of flame will be unleashed dealing damage to enemies but leaving her exposed. For a full breakdown of the changes coming with the Old Blood update, click the link above this paragraph. According to Digital Extremes this is the biggest update to Warframe in 2019!

Elder Scrolls Online: Dragonhold Guided Tour: 1:57

Jason spent some time with the Zenimax developers of Elder Scrolls Online and took a guided tour of the Dragonhold DLC. If you’re a fan of the game, you won’t want to miss it! Check the end annotations at the end of this video to see the tour in full and get an early look at what awaits you.

Magic The Gathering: Arena Announces ‘Field of the Dead’ Ban: 2:15

Wizards of the Coast announced a card ban for Magic the Gathering that is no doubt going to shake up the meta of the game in a big, but positive way. Field of the Dead has been announced as banned and that ban took effect on the October 25th. For a bit of context, over 41% of decks present at the Magic the Gathering Mythic Invitational V were “Field of the Dead/Golos” decks. These decks operate by allowing you to play Golos, Tireless Pilgrim to go through your deck and find Field of the Dead and play it. The longer the game goes on after that point, the more zombie tokens you have to worry about. Only the most aggressive decks could survive against it. Ultimately, this ban was for the best and will hopefully lead to more interesting deck types taking over the meta in the near future.

Ship of Heroes Shows off the Power of their Character Creator: 2:59

Ship of Heroes released a new video this week showing off just how potent their character creator is! The video in question shows off the various morphs, sliders, and hair models that characters can use in the upcoming Character Creator test that goes live on November 1st. Players will have Male, Female, and Big Guy models to customize, and Ship of Heroes wants to show just how much you can do with their CCT. Ship of Heroes recommends that players write down some ideas for what they want their character to look like for the CCT. Changing an element of a character can also change related elements. The example they give is changing the shape of the face can change the expression, and changing the hairstyle may require a player to adjust the coloring to get back to exactly what they had previously.  They also released a newsletter that goes into greater detail on this video and the upcoming test. This CCT Event will be available to supporters of the upcoming Superhero MMO, and they expect to begin the Beta Testing proper at the end of 2020. The newsletter also featured a few more Character Creator outlines, including requested features being implemented. Some of these include variants of glowing eyes, load and save options for your creations, and a reset button that restores defaults with a popup warning first to prevent accidental resets. The new video you see playing here goes into pretty good detail, check it out to learn more.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Reveals Berserker Class: 4:17

Kingdom Under Fire II continues to reveal the classes coming to the Western release of the RTS/MMO Combo! This time they’ve elected to show off the Berserker! The Berserker is fueled by rage, of course, has a massive health pool, and plenty of brute force to match. The Berserker uses rage to dole out debilitating attacks as well as acquiring a shield that mitigates damage. His weapons are imbued with dark energy and he is the ultimate Frontline warrior. Along with the new class video, they also showed off a new gameplay video this past week highlighting the huge scale battles players will take part in. Look forward to more updates as they get closer to the November 14 launch in the west.

Armored Warfare to receive Mechanized Infantry in Update .30: 4:57

In update .30 of Armored Warfare, Mechanized Infantry will be available in every game mode. What this means is that vehicles capable of doing this in real life will be able to deploy some infantry squads onto the battlefield. These squads include Anti-Tank squads, Mortar Squads, and Sniper squads. Anti-Tank Squads will have several troops armed with rocket launchers. They will open fire on enemy targets, in a low to medium distance. The squad will engage one target, but if one of the soldiers can’t reach that target, they will fire at someone else. Though not accurate, and sort of on the slow side, their damage is serious business. They can fire at other infantry but will prioritize enemy armored vehicles. Mortar Squad is akin to having your own pocket artillery. They’ll fire mortar rounds that deal plenty of splash damage. These aren’t particularly accurate either and are easy to evade due to the high arc of fire. These are also a little on the slow side, but their damage is significant. Being caught in several of these barrages can spell someone’s doom. They’re great to deploy behind a hill or other structure, and rain destruction onto surprised enemies. The Sniper units are scouts and infantry killers. If your foes have several infantry units out causing you problems, this is how you deal with them. Each team has a spotter, with advanced spotting equipment and a sniper with an incredible Barret .50cal rifle.  They can make short work of any deployed enemy infantry (when there’s an enemy infantry unit in sight, the snipers will always target it over enemy vehicles), but that’s not their only purpose. They are sneaky and have a high range, so they can see enemy plans coming from a figurative mile away. They also focus on the sights of vehicles to blind them (optics, periscopes). Definitely a game changing update if you ask me, you’ll want to checkout the live stream recap at the site post at to learn all the little features around mechanized infantry.

Warface Yellow Emperor Pack Giveaway (Gleam Ends on Tues Next Week): 6:48

We’ve partnered with Warface to celebrate their 6th year anniversary with a Yellow Emperor Pack Giveaway! To enter, just follow the link above and check out the Gleam box on that page. There are multiple ways to earn extra entries so make sure you take advantage of them! The prize pack includes 1000 Kredits and Five Yellow Emperor series weapons including the ACR Assault Rifle, Fabarm STF 12 Compact Shotgun, ACR CQB Submachine Gun, AS50 Sniper Rifle, and the Desert Eagle pistol. There’s also a “First Come, First Served” giveaway on the OnRPG forums.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Onslaught Expansion is Live: 7:23

Star Wars: The Old Republic had a new expansion pack launch this week! The Onslaught expansion sees the Galactic Republic rallying against the Sith Empire once again. A new and ancient planet called Onderon has been revealed, and the dangerous den of smugglers and pirates known as Mek-Sha have come out of hiding as well. Onslaught also introduces an all new playable species: Nautolans! This new species is available to unlock for free to any players who are subscribed to Star Wars: The Old Republic for a specific time frame. Onslaught has a new Flash Point to tackle, which takes place on Corellia, where a battle has erupted at a shipyard facility. Onderon’s largest moon, Dxun will be the setting of an all-new operation. Groups of eight or sixteen will battle monsters and Trandoshan hunting teams. New items aimed at max-level players, enhanced legacy support, new bonuses are here, alongside a new item type: Tactical items.

Ring of Elysium Launches Adventurer Pass Season 6: 8:18

The new Adventurer Pass has launched for Ring of Elysium, and Season 6 is called “Tactical Evolution”. Three new characters arrive in this season: Ookami the samurai, Sakura the assassin, and the mercenary known as Mobula. There are new tactical equipment pieces to take advantage of as well, such as the Medgun. The Medgun lets players heal themselves or their allies. The Deployable Shield can block incoming damage, and help set up counterattacks. The third new piece of tech is a Holographic Decoy, which is an unmoving holographic image of your character, to throw people off your scent. This is hot on the heels of the new loadout system, where players can mix and match mobility and tactical equipment, to bring new strategy and depth to their matches. This system lets you pick one mobility type, as well as one of the six available tactical pieces of equipment. Europa will have new places to explore as well, such as the new island of Ema, which is scattered with Japanese-style buildings, an off-shore drilling station, and a tidal power station. Players will now also be able to add modifications to boats, offering a fun new way to get to this small island. These modifications include machine guns and thrusters, to really offer heated battle on the open waters.

Watchers is a New Battle Royale Where Death is Not the End: 9:35

Alawar Premium and Blindfold Developers offer a new take on the Battle Royale for Steam, with the 1960s themed Watchers. Watchers is a free-to-play Battle Royale where 24 players do their best to be the last player standing… of course. Where this stands out is that after a player has died, they enter a unique surveillance mode, where they can help or hinder players, as they try to be the last one on top. These Watchers have a variety of nefarious means to influence the final outcome of the match. Players in this mode can spy on other players as they move around the map, activate experiments and call upon anomalies to help survivors in a pinch or take revenge on a rival, voting where the safe zone shrinks, and bet on what survivor they think will be crowned the winner! In true Battle Royale fashion, there will be plenty of weapons to grab while on the go, but this Battle Royale can potentially stand out. It has a unique concept and look, plus it’s free to play. There is also a Battle Pass to pick up, which will have 86 cosmetic rewards across 60 levels. There will be character skins, melee weapons, animations, and more. Purchasing the Battle Pass also gives three skins right out of the gate (Special Forces), the “Howdy Neighbor” Sledgehammer, and a pumpkin-head gnome.

Neverwinter Joins The Lost Odyssey: The Book of Knowledge: 10:46

Neverwinter is going to be a part of the upcoming The Lost Odyssey: The Book of Knowledge, which is in support of The Autism Society of America. This charity will bring content creators and celebrities together on November 15th at the Alex Theater in Los Angeles for a live Dungeons & Dragons campaign. The event begins at 7:30 pm, and those who purchase a ticket to this fundraiser will receive an exclusive “Pack of the Traveling Merchant” for Neverwinter on PC. There will also be prizing from other event sponsors. A portion of the proceeds will support The Autism Society of America, to help provide education, advocacy, referral, and support at the National, State, and Local levels. The event features Dungeon Master Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood, Daredevil, author of the D&D campaign for The Lost Odyssey: The Book of Knowledge), along with many notable attendees plus a secret surprise guest. This is a pretty cool fundraiser, find out more and where to get tickets at the site post at

Dauntless Begins Dark Harvest Event and Teases Next Update: 11:39

Dauntless is bringing back the spooky flavor with their seasonal Dark Harvest event which kicked off this past week! They don’t have a trailer yet for this event so I basically made the footage I could get look spookier than it normally does so use your imagination people. Lasting until November 5th, the event will see the arrival of the Unseen once again in Ramsgate. A series of mysterious glyphs with troubling transmissions have been placed in the streets, thanks to an ancient cult. On top of that, on October 31st, the latest Hunt Pass will drop, the “Haunted Shadows” Hunt Pass. Slayers will have access to a full set of cosmetic armor, and the new “Ghost of a Dog” emote. The Elite track will also have a shot at armor that will let them channel their inner Night Hunter. And what would an update be without quality-of-life changes? Dauntless has those too. This includes an AFK kick timer, visibility improvements to the in-game compass, and the ability to toggle Patrol Chests on and off. You can find the full details t the site post and If you’re interested in the future of Dauntless, well they just put out a roadmap, which you can also find linked above.

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