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Kingdom Under Fire 2 continues to reveal the classes coming to the Western release of the RTS/MMO combo: The Berserker! The Berserker is fueled by rage, has a massive health pool and plenty of brute force to go around. The Berserker can use this rage to dole out debilitating attacks, as well as acquiring a shield that absorbs damage. His weapons are imbued with dark energy and is the ultimate frontline warrior.

Legends from a mysterious race of Exiles spoke of a great man with unparalleled power who was destined to be the one to unite and lead the Exiles. There was such a man, who listened to the ancient legends and began a quest to find the sword once wielded by the mightiest of creatures. The one who would become the Berserker was about to gain this goal, and was betrayed, losing it all. Barely surviving, he becomes known as the Berserker, as one of the Azilia Knights.

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