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  • Brandy

    @James Actually really liked the Zombie build, great idea, but (isn’t there always a but) did you have to perpetuate the stereotype that all male gamers care about are big breasts. But for that, thought the creativity was awesome.

    • JamesGoblin

      That topic is highly controversial, and definitive answer (is there any negative example) is yet not known to modern science. The search for honest politician, Yeti, Unicorn and TheGamerThatDoesn’t… still continues. Stay tuned!

      On a serious (?) note, I’m new to this site; What is confusing me is – on my comp, this appears under that Crowfall video…now, where would these boobz be in that one?!?

  • Brandy

    Very Strange posted on the Black Desert Let’s make a zombie video, and somehow ended up here. Well I’m just a ditz I guess. Check it out here.

    ~ 17:00 mins

  • ChemicalMonkey

    Who the hell made this list? I can think of 20 games from 2015 that beat this list lol. Bias list is bias. Creativerse? Wildstar? Dragomon? Nosgoth? Come on…Rename this to “Best Free Games From 2015 (After all the obvious ones)”.

  • David Trabucco Jr

    what makes them think Closers would get a western release? >.>

  • candesco

    Pay 2 win game. Played this one for a little while. You have limited storage on your character and for any expansion of it you need to pay for that. Next to that it’s a rather dull game. It’s definitely not like the great Drakensang games from Radon Labs; Drakensang: The Dark Eye and Drakensang: The River of Time. Play those instead, despite that they are singleplayer games.