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  • Gmod

    (The top 10 Avoid Bad Company)
    3.Kog Games
    4.R2 Games
    8.Aeria games
    9.Day Z break

  • Chip

    There are a Few Good developer out there that show they care about their Community, while most other developer want (Money Power) from their Customer Supporter in order to keep sucking them dry like Elsword for example and it is nothing but a fast Money Vacuum that keep rolling in the basket.
    (it pretty much show they want you to be a sucker for Video Games Creation)
    (Player Comment)
    This will be the last Thing talked about on Games news Review for the last time on this website. The Company’s nowadays are pretty much struggling to make progress because they can’t come up with new idea anymore since they ignore their Community Suggestion Feed and other thing on their website when they hosting a Games from Korea Country then it end up Shutting Down Completely or End up in a another way by being Completely (Hacker Paradise) . The (PC Games) and The (Browser)s are totally Going in the trash as we speak early now into the New year of 2016.
    (Gaming Community)
    The Community used to be social and fun but now all that is Gone it is Pretty much a Death Threat to even play (PC Online games) and (Bowser Games) Because there so many problem with the Community nowadays if you look at the Forum for each Games that has People sitting there bashing each other about the character, The Classes or the Gameplay or the graphic or the Voice Actor. The Community even Defend people who are truly hacking the game or there a lot of bugs crawling around the game and people insult you for putting the truth out about the Community and the game health problem. it has become a (big warning) now that the Community will bring down your health to the lowest level to being dead.The Community does not care anymore or how you feel they have become (Cold-Hearted Community) Though out all PC Online Games and Browser Games.
    (Farewell MMO Huts)
    (Games are suppose to be fun to play but not anymore it nothing but a hell Zone that is bad for your health and Destroy your enjoyment.) MMO Huts Thank you for sharing your news of gaming around the world also Happy New Year to you guys Peace!