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Ship of Heroes – Character Creator Teaser – The Power of Morphs

Ship of Heroes has a new video from this weekend, that shows off just how potent the character creator is. Today’s video shows the various morphs, sliders, and hair models that characters can use in the upcoming Character Creator Test, that goes live on November 1st, 2019. Players will have Male, Female, and Big Guy models to customize, and Ship of Heroes wants to show just how much you can do with their CCT. Ship of Heroes recommends that players write down some ideas for what they want their character to look like for the CCT. Changing an element of a character can also change related elements.

The example they give is hanging the shape of the face can change the expression, and changing the hairstyle may require a player to adjust the coloring to get back to exactly what they had previously.  They also released a newsletter that goes into greater detail on this video and the upcoming test. This CCT Event will be available to supporters of the upcoming Superhero MMO, and they expect to begin the Beta Testing proper at the end of 2020.

We received further information on changes to the CCT this morning, including the following:

  • There was a request for glowing eyes, so we added about seven examples. We can expand this number if people think this is worthwhile.
  • As we said earlier, we do have LOAD and SAVE, for a character, or just for the costume.
  • There was a lot of concern for a RESET feature. We have a RESET feature (change from one character model to another one and back, and you are reset back to defaults). But hey, if people want a reset button that warns you with a pop-up, we can do that too. We did do it, in fact.
  • Community discussion of the RESET feature led to people wanting an UNDO feature. So we have added an UNDO button that reverses the last feature change you’ve made. We are now working to extend this to multiple feature selections you’ve made (this is a bigger deal). We expect to get the multiple UNDO feature working just around the time the Beta starts — it is a bit of a race.
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