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Armored Warfare Reveals Mechanized Infantry

In Update 0.30 of Armored Warfare, Mechanized Infantry will be available in every game mode. What this means is that Vehicles capable of doing this in real life will be able to deploy some infantry squads onto the battlefield. The Infantry squads are below.

  • Anti-Tank Squad
  • Mortar Squad
  • Sniper squad (or a solo Sniper)

Anti-Tank Squads will have several troops armed with rocket launchers. They will open fire on enemy targets, in a low to medium distance. The squad will engage one target, but if one of the soldiers can’t reach that target, they will fire at someone else. Though not accurate, and sort of on the slow side, their damage is serious business. They can fire at other infantry but will prioritize enemy armored vehicles.

Mortar Squad is akin to having your own pocket artillery. They’ll fire mortar rounds that deal plenty of splash damage. These aren’t particularly accurate either and are easy to evade due to the high arc of fire. These are also a little on the slow side, but their damage is significant. Being caught in several of these barrages can spell someone’s doom. They’re great to deploy behind a hill or other structure, and rain destruction onto surprised enemies.

The Sniper units are scouts and infantry killers. If your foes have several infantry units out causing you problems, this is how you deal with them. Each team has a spotter, with advanced spotting equipment and a sniper with an incredible Barret .50cal rifle.  They can make short work of any deployed enemy infantry (when there’s an enemy infantry unit in sight, the snipers will always target it over enemy vehicles), but that’s not their only purpose. They are sneaky and have a high range, so they can see enemy plans coming from a figurative mile away. They also focus on the sights of vehicles to blind them (optics, periscopes). You can find further details about this system below.

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