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Creativerse Unleashes Player-Created Blueprints in New Update

Today, Playful Corp. unveiled the new “Blueprint Revolution” update for Creativerse. What that means is now more than ever, players have the freedom to save their works in the form of Blueprints, which can be shared on Steam Workshop, and was a highly-requested feature for the game as a whole. Anything at all that a player has built can be saved in this blueprint format and uploaded for the entire Creativerse community to enjoy, and create in their own games. The big take-away is that players who are not as strong at creating masterful structures can share with those who are getting started and can learn from the experiences of others. Or simply to build something for a friend that they can create using that blueprint. Whether it’s a skyscraper, a castle, an arena or even some fancy art, players can open Creativerse like never before.

“This update opens up the game in a way that was previously only available to hardcore builders,” said Daniel Havens, the game’s director. “Now, players with intricate, masterful builds can easily share them with everyone, giving all our players access to amazing content from across the world. We’ve seen so many wonderful creations from our players over the years, everything from skyscrapers and castles to sculptures and pixel art, from villages and cities to arenas built for mini-games. We are so excited to finally have a way for everyone to enjoy these creations.”

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