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MapleStory – Cygnus Awakening: Night Walker Update Spotlight

Night Walker returns to MapleStory with a level 250 cap and new skills.

Autumn has arrived and Maplers are heading back to school… old school, that is! Celebrate the Maple That Was with the “Back to the Old Maple” event, and become a student at Shinsoo High in the new FriendStory content.

Some additional features are being improved as well—Night Walker is back with a new level cap and updated skills. If that weren’t enough, now you can play through a new story at Mushroom Castle! Lots of events round out the Cygnus Awakening: Night Walker update.

Night Walker Reborn

Night Walker has come out of the shadows and is more skilled than ever! Take this class all the way up to Lv. 250 and unlock Night Walker’s new skills, such as Dark Omen, a powerful ability that summons a flock of Shadow Bats to attack your enemies. Master the ninja star as you learn to toss 5 throwing stars at the same time with the Quintuple Star skill.

Back to the Old Maple

Ah, the Maple World of yesteryear, what fond memories we have of you! MapleStory has changed a lot since its launch, but now you have the chance to relive your favorite moments. Return to classic maps and take on powerful versions of Victoria Island bosses, including Mushmom and Dyle. Complete quests to receive Old Maple Coins, which can be exchanged for a variety of classic equips. It’s our most nostalgic event ever!


Maple World and the real world collide! Transport your Mapler from the digital realm to reality and take on the role of Shinsoo High’s newest student. Arm yourself with a trusty smartphone and meet famous MapleStory characters in a new setting. Hang out with Mihile, Hawkeye, Eckhart, and all the rest in this alternate reality version of Maple World. Go to class, stand up to bullies, play matchmaker and receive rewards!

Mushroom Castle

It’s time for Princess Violetta to find a husband, but the Mushking isn’t the best matchmaker. Help him find the perfect groom for his daughter in this updated theme dungeon (Lv. 60 and above). Many suitors are competing for Princess Violetta’s hand, and it’s up to you to make sure the competition goes smoothly. Watch out! Rumors abound that the princess may be in danger…

Mr. Lee’s Airline

Last month Mr. Lee invited you onboard his plane as he set off on a thrilling vacation… unfortunately, the plane hit some turbulence and now you’ve crashed on an island full of mysterious creatures! This event has been updated with new monsters and new escape routes and is now available as ongoing non-instanced content. Journey to the lost island with your friends and gather the materials needed to make your escape as you fight off dangerous monsters along the way.

New Events!

Who wants to play some sports? It’s Maple Sports Day, and there are all kinds of events to compete in. Complete quests to receive Sports Day Coins, which can be exchanged for various scrolls, Victory equips, and even a chair! And remember, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Soon there will be turkeys to hunt and delicious food to eat, plus the return of Sengoku High.

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