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  • Dunkey

    This game is so bad. Please stay away. 6

  • Dunkey

    Lm not joking 6

  • Dunkey

    Jesus plays this game 6

  • Seo

    A decent game, something that I always come back to. The quests are fun to me and I enjoy the setting. It’s just not a game I can play long-term without getting bored and taking another hiatus (could be me, personally).

  • Thomas

    I love Neverwinter! One of the best MMOs


    I played this game from open beta until the money grab, nerf in November. Mod 12b was worse than mod 6, in that it locks the game into a payment to advance. All meaniful rewards are RNG based, even the ones you get from dungeons. Nothing is earned. Yes, the ZAX system still lets you get AD and convert to zen to get some stuff, but the ZAX backlog will make you wait 15-20 days. And, the cost to hit BIS from Mod 12b if you count none of the 0.1% drop rate from Tomb of the Nine Gods is over $2500. If you buy your way with the drops from Tomb, its over $5000. Unless you are planning on putting 1000s of hours in the game AND 1ks of dollars, stay away.