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Dauntless Unveils Details on New Behemoth and Ranged Weapon

Dauntless - Koshai -image

Phoenix Labs revealed some details about The Coming Storm which is a free expansion on the way to Dauntless, the co-op monster-hunting Action RPG. One of the major talking points is the terrifying new Behemoth, known as Koshai. It seeks to bleed the life out of everything, and Koshai will spread chaos across the land. Koshai, the Sovereign of Thorns is said to have vines strong enough to crack the keel of a ship and can tear the strongest armor asunder. However, those successful in hunting Koshai will be able to forge weapons of equally terrific strength. New challenges are not a shock to the people of Ramsgate, few have faced an obstacle quite like Koshai, Sovereign of Thorns.

We also heard about the upcoming new ranged weapon, the firstĀ real ranged weapon for Dauntless, the Ostian Repeaters. The Repeaters are from the forges of Ostia, and are a pair of weapons with interchangeable parts, allowing Slayers to customize aspects of their repeaters to suit whatever needs they have. They require certain materials and training in order to wield them, but it will be worth it, as these are lethal, fun new weapons. Slayers will also have access to an assortment of grenades that also offer ranged attacks, but don’t require all the time and effort of the Ostian Repeaters. The grenade effects vary, allowing aggressive Slayers the chance to capitalize on tactical needs in the heat of battle.

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