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Atlantica Online offers summer “Open the Doors” contest

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Atlantica Online is offering an impressive contest this summer, with a possible grand prize of a new Chevy Camaro.

Players may obtain Master Keys and Key Shards from June 29th until August 31st. Players level 20+ can find both of these in game from playing for multiple consecutive hours and completing League Matches; although they cannot be used or redeemed until level 30 (the grand prize requires level 50 to redeem).

Prizes range from in-game items to cash, all the way up to a laptop and a Chevy Camaro – with the catch that enough keys have to be redeemed to unlock these prizes.

The Original Announcement:

He stands, his back to you, as the unearthly flame fills your vision. His arms stretch towards the sky above, well-muscled arms scarred from battle. The bonfire before him flickers, then darkens, and he reaches into the ashes. The object he holds in his hand is hidden from your view, but you can hear his whisper:

“With this, Atlantis returns to its rightful master.”

The night echoes with his laughter, and then – his screams. Doubling over, a great light bursts forth, and the sound of shattering glass fills the air as glowing shards fly in every direction. The man’s form is changed, and as he stands, you realize he is much larger now, and monstrous; he is transformed into a beast, and you recognize the taint of Oriharukon in his single wicked eye.

“The keys.” It speaks with a rasp, its tentacles reaching for the horizon. Its eye focuses, and the creature turns to look directly at you. “You will not take them from me. The wrath of Abarus XIII is upon you.” It is then that you awaken.

The Master Keys are said to have the ability to unlock a powerful Door that contains Atlantis’ lost items and weaponry. Rumors tell of a creature called Abarus sending his armies after The Master Keys – though his origins are a mystery, his evil intentions are clear. Those who are strong enough and willing to collect all the keys before him will be rewarded for their efforts. All doors opened will lead to a reward. Some will be good and others will be great, but those who are lucky enough to find a Golden Ticket will be rewarded with a chance at winning Atlantica’s prized possession.

The Master Keys and some Key Shards are naturally drawn to Atlantians (the Players) and so make their way into the hands of these adventurers in different ways:

  • Players who are level 20 and above can obtain one (1) Master Key per day by remaining logged in to Atlantica Online for at least one hour during the duration of the Event. The Player will receive a notification in-game once the hour has been reached, and the key will automatically be sent to their mailbox.
  • Players will be awarded one (1) Master Key for every 10 League Matches (Free or Colosseum League Matches, excluding Doppelganger Matches) that he or she participates in.
  • Players who are level 20 and above can also obtain up to three (3) Key Shards per day by remaining logged in for a period of four consecutive hours. Starting from the second hour and lasting until the end of the fourth hour, they will receive one Key Shard for each consecutive hour he or she remains logged in. The Player will receive a notification in-game for each additional hour that has been reached, and the Key Shard will automatically be sent to their mailbox.

The remainder of the Key Shards are scattered all over Atlantica and are said to have been gathered by a Wandering Merchant who sells them for a minimal price:

  • Each Key Shard purchased from the Wandering Merchant will cost 10,000 gold and require 100% Will.
  • Players can craft one (1) Master Key with two (2) Key Shards. This craft requires a necessary workload of 10,000.

Golden Tickets are rare items in game that have no effect and are the only way the Player can qualify to win the Grand Prize.

  • Golden Tickets cannot be used.
  • Golden Tickets cannot be purchased or crafted.
  • Golden Tickets cannot be sold at auction or be traded normally.

*Golden Tickets can be kept in their Item Mall pick up and it is not necessary to transfer the Golden Ticket to the player’s inventory to be eligible for the Grand Prize.*

The “Open the Doors to Atlantica” Mega Event begins on June 29th, 2010 and ends on August 31st, 2010 or until the final Milestone of the Event has been reached, whichever comes first.

Players can start collecting Master Keys, in game, at level 20 but will not be able to use the Master Keys on the Event Page until they reach level 30.

When a Player uses a Master Key in-game, it will generate a key on the Player’s Event Page. Master Keys can be used to open 1 of 3 Doors on the Event Page of the website. The Player can log in to his or her account on the Event Page to manage their keys.

Using the Master Key on the Event Page will randomly give an item from the item set pool which will then be sent to the Player’s Item Mall Pickup, in-game. All current obtainable items are rewarded randomly, including the Golden Ticket.

Once a Milestone has been reached, the Players who have used at least (1) Master Key on the Event Page in that Milestone will be entered into a raffle for that Milestone’s prize!

Grand Prize: A Player must be at least level 50 before the end of the final milestone and must obtain one (1) Golden Ticket to qualify for the Grand Prize. (One Grand Prize winner will be randomly chosen amongst all the Golden Ticket Holders after the final milestone has been reached.)

Keys Used: The number of keys used is determined by the total amount of keys used by all players across all servers.

Items: The keys received in-game during this event can be used on our website for a chance at random items. The items the players can receive is chosen randomly from a set pool of at least 268 unique items in-game. Besides player favorites, like wooden arrows, players will be able to win mounts, decorations, costumes, mercenaries, crystals, jewels, and much much more!

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