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Enter the Mists of Barovia Today in Neverwinter: Ravenloft on PC

Following today’s maintenance, Neverwinter will officially open wide the gates of Barovia for Neverwinter: Ravenloft on PC. Free-to-play for all in Neverwinter, it will arrive later for console players. Adventurers in the Forgotten Realms/Faerun are being called to the Domain of the Demi-Plane of Dread that is Barovia, where they will brave the Mists of Ravenloft and the cursed land of Strahd. Unique features to Ravenloft will include a meaningful day-to-night cycle, Tarokka Card collections/readings, and an Endgame Dungeon within Castle Ravenloft, and that’s just the start. Ravenloft is an iconic Dungeons & Dragons setting, but only one for the brave. The mists of Ravenloft are unforgiving, and the dread vampire lord, Count Drahd von Zarovich is not a gracious host. From the Vistani Camp, Castle Ravenloft and more, several key locations to the setting will be able to be explored.

“When we look at the vast number of exciting settings Dungeons & Dragons has to offer, Ravenloft has been one that both we and our players have long wanted to explore,” said Gordon Fong, Executive Producer of Neverwinter. “Strahd is an icon and his cursed land of Barovia made for some really interesting gameplay opportunities. This module is a bit of a departure for the game: it’s the first time we’ve left the Forgotten Realms and it’s a much different tone than anything we’ve done before. On behalf of the Neverwinter team, we hope our players enjoy our gothic adventure and can’t wait to hear what they think!”

Key Features to Neverwinter: Ravenloft Include:

  • Barovia Adventure Zone – From the Vistani Camp surrounded by a dense forest to the Ruins of Berez, Ravenloft’s setting is a stark change of scenery from the bright and lively Protector’s Enclave. The gothic horror theme plays a huge role in this new module.
  • Castle Ravenloft Endgame Dungeon – The infamous lair of Strahd von Zarovich makes its Neverwinter debut and provides an endgame challenge for the most daring and powerful adventurers in (or out of) the Realms. Challenge the lord of the land for impressive rewards.
  • Meaningful Day-to-Night Cycle – Fear the night! The time of day in Barovia determines which creatures, object and NPCs will spawn throughout the land as well as how ferocious enemies will be.
  • New Heroic Encounter & Monster Hunts – At the edge of Strahd’s domain rests the fabled Yester Hill where Druids worship the vampire lord. Party up to tackle this new heroic encounter, then learn how Ravenloft redefines the “monster” in the Monster Hunt activity where players can modify difficulty with unique hands of Tarokka Cards for unique rewards.
  • Ravenloft Campaign – Barovia is cursed and adventurers have been summoned to free its denizens. In Neverwinter’s latest campaign, players will explore the darkest corners of Barovia to get the upper hand on Strahd and his vast army of evil. Completing the campaign unlocks a unique set of boons to aid in future adventures.
  • Tarokka Card System – Like the devious playing cards that summon players to the domain of dread, overcoming the many obstacles within Ravenloft unlocks unique cards. Wager these cards in Monster Hunts or collect the whole set and turn them in to Madame Eva for a special reward.
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