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Ring of Elysium Launches Adventurer Pass Season 6

The new Adventurer Pass has launched for Ring of Elysium, and Season 6 is called “Tactical Evolution”. Three new characters arrive in this season: Ookami the samurai, Sakura the assassin, and the mercenary known as Mobula. There are new tactical equipment pieces to take advantage of as well, such as the Medgun. The Medgun lets players heal themselves or their allies. The Deployable Shield can block incoming damage, and help set up counterattacks. The third new piece of tech is a Holographic Decoy, which is an unmoving holographic image of your character, to throw people off your scent. This is hot on the heels of the new loadout system, where players can mix and match mobility and tactical equipment, to bring new strategy and depth to their matches. This system lets you pick one mobility type, as well as one of the six available tactical pieces of equipment.

Europa will have new places to explore as well, such as the new island of Ema, which is scattered with Japanese-style buildings, an off-shore drilling station, and a tidal power station. Players will now also be able to add modifications to boats, offering a fun new way to get to this small island. These modifications include machine guns and thrusters, to really offer heated battle on the open waters.

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