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Dauntless’ Seasonal ‘Dark Harvest’ Event Returns

Dauntless Dark Harvest 2019

Dauntless is bringing back the spooky flavor with their seasonal¬†Dark Harvest event, starting today. This event will last until November 5th and kicks off with the Unseen once again arriving in Ramsgate. A series of mysterious glyphs with troubling transmissions have been placed in the streets, thanks to an ancient cult. On top of that, on October 31st, the latest Hunt Pass will drop, the “Haunted Shadows” Hunt Pass. Slayers will have access to a full set of cosmetic armor, and the new “Ghost of a Dog” emote. The Elite track will also have a shot at armor that will let them channel their inner Night Hunter.

What would an update be without quality-of-life changes?¬†Dauntless has those too. This includes an AFK kick timer, visibility improvements to the in-game compass, and the ability to toggle Patrol Chests on and off. You can find the full details in this link. If you’re interested in the future of Dauntless, they have a roadmap, which you can find below.

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