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Star Wars: The Old Republic – Onslaught Expansion is Live

Star Wars: The Old Republic has a new expansion that is officially live today: Onslaught. The war for the galaxy rages on, and in Onslaught, the Galactic Republic rallies against the Sith Empire once again. A new planet has been revealed, the ancient planet Onderon. The dangerous den of smugglers and pirates known as Mek-Sha have come out of hiding as well. Onslaught also introduces an all-new playable species: Nautolans! The new species is available to unlock for free to any players who subscribed to Star Wars: The Old Republic anytime between September 1 and October 22.

Onslaught has a new Flash Point to tackle, which takes place on Corellia, where a battle has erupted at a shipyard facility. Onderon’s largest moon, Dxun will be the setting of an all-new operation. Groups of eight or sixteen will battle monsters and Trandoshan hunting teams. New items aimed at max-level players, enhanced legacy support, new bonuses are here, alongside a new item type: Tactical items.

Darth Malgus has returned, but will you stand with him? Or against his crusade of apocalyptic violence?

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