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Elder Scrolls Online: Dragonhold Guided Tour

Jason spent some time with the Zenimax developers for Elder Scrolls Online for the Dragonhold DLC. This is an exciting bit of DLC, in that it is the climax to the “Season of the Dragon” storyline, and it’s definitely going to be a storyline worth seeing. I’ve enjoyed this story, though I was admittedly a bit worried at first. When I heard “Season of the Dragon” because I am admittedly not the biggest fan of Skyrim. The way it handled dragons felt a little lackluster, but this is considerably different. Dragons are a major threat, they’re intelligent, they’re pissed off, and they’re ready to do something about all of us ants that scurry around their land. Also, be aware this is likely still a good 1,000 years or so ahead of the actual Skyrim content. Plus, it’s being held in the beautiful land of Elsweyr. I’m not going to spoil the story going into Dragonhold, but it does seem like it will be very exciting.

Plus, a fan-favorite character is coming back! Sai Sahan is returning just for this storyline to put together a crew of badasses, to restore the ancient Dragonguard. This group of Dragon Hunters is going to try and set things right with Elsweyr, but he’s not the only familiar face to join the cast for Dragonhold. What started at Wrathstone, ends with Dragonhold. It takes place in Southern Elsweyr, and like always, it’s an absolutely gorgeous area, despite all of the ruined, demolished, civilization, but you can’t just jump into the finale quests. In order to work towards dealing with Kaalgrontiid, you need to complete the Elsweyr and Dragonhold MSQ. There are also some performance-based improvements to the game, in particular, a memory management overhaul. This should hopefully mean fewer crashes and slow loading times in ESO, so I’m excited about this perhaps most of all. This means the current storyline is at an end, but I ‘m sure we’ll have something else to be excited about pretty soon.

I do enjoy doing these guided tours of ESO content. I let them lead the tour, so they can talk about the most important content to see and experience. That way, since I’m not a hardcore ESO player, I can get an interesting perspective on the current content, that I am admittedly pretty behind on. But I enjoy ESO! It’s a brilliant MMO, and they’ve really pushed things in the right direction since “Tamriel Unlimited”. Elsweyr is not the area I expected to go in Elder Scrolls, and I did not anticipate it being quite as enjoyable as I found it. The Khajiit are not my favorite race (the Dark Elves are), so I didn’t expect such a deep, intricate story. The villains are irredeemable tosspots, the heroes are awesome, and the landscape they’re doing battle in is gorgeous. Plus, evil, asshole dragons! What’s not to like? With that in mind, please enjoy this guided tour with the developers of Elder Scrolls Online!

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