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Weekly Recap #376 September 6th – Hearthstone, Rogue Company, Ragnarok Online and More!

Guild Wars 2 Unveils Newest Living World Chapter: The Icebrood Saga: 0:21

Guild Wars 2 unveiled the next part of their episodic in-game content, the Living World! This next chapter is called the Icebrood Saga, and the prologue for it begins on September 17th. This will give players an early taste of the new conflict and is entitled Bound by Blood. The entire Icebrood Saga will be free to players who own Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, and Episode 1 will release later this autumn. New features will be introduced in The Icebrood Saga, such as Strike Missions. These are epic 10-man boss fights, that combine the coordination of raids with the large-scale conflict of a Guild Wars 2 meta event. New bosses will populate Grothmar Valley and the Northern Shiverpeaks, such as the newly awakened Drakkar. This was first seen in the original Guild Wars. New masteries will also be available in Episode One and Episode Two, that reflect the history and influence of the Spirits of the Wild. That’s not all though. ArenaNet announced that Heart of Thorns, the game’s first expansion, will be free to all players who purchase Path of Fire, starting this week. Anyone who previously purchased Heart of Thorns will receive a Veteran’s Pack of in-game items, including a unique Mordrem Glider, the Vanguard title, and a voucher for one of sixteen different gem store armor skins. 

Skyforge’s ‘Firestarter’ Expansion Launches Today: 1:28

Skyforge has a new update hitting PC and consoles this week, with the boiling-hot Firestarter expansion! This update adds a new class, the Firestarter, Players will be able to harness their power to conjure fireballs, breathe gouts of flame, trigger geothermal eruptions, and even unleash a cataclysmic hellstorm of meteors! If that’s not enough, you can even turn into a fire cat. There is a new Elder God Form in this expansion, the “Aspect of Magic”. Players who have become fully-fledged can access Aspect of Magic, which is a new form to unlock when high divinity is achieved. Characters are surrounded by five Ether spheres, which activate special abilities that assist with ranged combat. Effective damage, enhanced crowd control abilities, harder-hitting attacks and more await players who achieve this mighty new form. Firestarter has a new dungeon that is found on the planet Terra as well: Heart of the City! This unique dungeon will have randomly generated events and multiple branching paths, that can be unlocked with additional playthroughs. The adventure could lead to a confrontation with the Draconids, an expedition through a wrecked spaceship or a race to stop a deadly biological threat. There’s plenty of excitement here, and to unlock it, players must complete a series of Draconid quests on Terra.
Black Desert Online’s PS4 Edition Releases Major Update:  2:34

Just two weeks after the initial launch of Black Desert Online on PS4, a major update has already been released for the MMO. The update is a free download, and includes two new character classes, two PVP feature modes, and a massive world boss to tackle. The two new classes in question are the Dark Knight, who specializes in ranged magical skills, and the Musa, who uses a variety of sword and bow based martial arts. The new world boss is Kzarka, the Lord of Corruption. Kzarka was formerly sealed in a shrine in Serendia centuries ago. Now, a group looks to resurrect him as the magic holding him prisoner weakens. Those who manage to defeat the risen Kzarka have a chance to receive yellow-grade primary weapons. As for the new PVP modes, these are Node Wars and Conquest Wars. Node Wars is a weekly event that lets guilds engage in combat over specific node locations until one team emerges victorious. Conquest Wars, on the other hand, is a much larger scale battle, challenging players to fight for control of Balenos and Serendia by building command posts and defending their regions until only one Guild remains standing. The victor will be awarded taxes from the entire region for that week.

Mythgard Announces Open Beta for September 2019: 3:41

Mythgard, the upcoming free to play CCG has announced that their open beta will launch on September 19th! Ahead of this, they released a new How to Play video to get new players started and teach what they need to know for this intense card game. Mythgard has also been approved for launch on iOS devices, and with that in mind, pre-registration pages have been opened for both the Apple and Android versions of the game which you can find linked in the description below. 

Relic Hunters Legend Releases ‘Full Party Update: 4:05

Relic Hunters Legend received a huge update this week entitled the “Full Party” update. With it comes the sassy support character Raff. Raff is the Party Engineer who can support her teammates and dole out damage with her powerful Keytar. Also added in this update is the new special weapons feature, which replaces the weapon in a player’s loadout. With the special weapon active, players can shoot multiple projectiles out of their guns in the same shot, and revel in dozens of new skill effects and sounds. Players can also team up with three of their friends in this update to chase down villains and collect loot. 

Ragnarok Online Reopens In Europe Under Publisher 4game:  4:35

Originally launched in 2002 in South Korea, Ragnarok Online has re-opened in Europe! A new publisher, 4game, has taken the game up and published a new version entitled Revo Classic. This is the first time European players have been able to enjoy this particular version of the game. A mix of modern and classic mechanics, Revo-Classic will have a level cap of 99/70 and will not have 3rd classes. 

Eternal Magic begins its Closed Beta Test: 4:58

Eternal Magic has launched its closed beta this week, which will run until September 15th. Players who have early access packs will be guaranteed access, and will also receive a three day head start in addition to other useful items. Eternal Magic will offer a flexible character class system, dynamic combat, and humongous PVP battles for up to 80 players. If that’s not enough, it will also feature a MOBA mode, guild wars, weddings, and private parties. There’s something for everyone in Eternal Magic, it seems.

Hearthstone’s Tombs of Terror Adventure Available for Pre-Purchase: 5:27

Hearthstone has a new solo adventure on the way! Set to launch on September 17th 2019, Tombs of Terror will pick up where the story left off with the Dalaran Heist. As members of the League of Explorers, players will join the adventuring, heroic archaeologists and race through the ruins and cities of Uldum, seeking out hero-specific signature treasures. These artifacts will level up the heroes before they face the four deadly Plague Lords which are multi-phase slugfests against persistent bosses who must be bested through multiple runs. Hearthstone will also receive its first dual-class heroes in this adventure. Players can choose from Elise Starseeker, who is a priest/druid combo, Brann Bronzebeard, a warrior/hunter, Finley Mrrglton of the Sands, a paladin/shaman, and Reno Jackson, a rogue/mage. “Lost City of Tol’vir” is the first chapter, and will be free to everyone starting on the 17th of September. 

Conqueror’s Blade’s Pre-Season Update is Live: 6:16

A major update for Conqueror’s Blade went out this week, as they gear up for the upcoming Season 1: Seize the Crown expansion. This pre-season update lays the groundwork for the first season and will remove some restrictions and limitations to the game. There are no longer gender restrictions on weapon types, giving Female warlords access to the Poleaxe, Bow, and Spear, and granting Male warlords access to the dual-blades and Short bow. The new update also includes the War Scholar, Doctrine, and Signaculum systems, each providing all new levels of customization for Warlord armies. From unique items that boost warlord stats to increased unit crafting materials, these systems provide budding warlords with new ways to shape their armies and choose their own path to world domination.

Rogue Company Announced as New Shooter from Hi-Rez Studios:  6:56

First Watch Games and Hi-Rez Studios announced Rogue Company, a new multiplayer shooter with crossplay for PC and consoles this week during the Nintendo Direct which took place on Wednesday. With an expected launch date in 2020, the game is promising to feature both competitive and casual game modes as well as a 60 FPS framerate on all platforms. Says Scott Zier, Creative Director of First Watch games, “Rogue Company will constantly update and evolve with the community. Planned updates include new game modes, maps, weapons, gadgets, in-game events, and playable mercenaries. From game balance to game modes, player feedback will help us develop the next best multiplayer shooter.” In addition, Hi-Rez studios announced that Rogue Company will be an Epic Store Exclusive when it launches on PC next year. 

Blade & Soul: Storm of Arrows Announcement Trailer:  7:40

Blade and Soul has announced the next major update: Storm of Arrows! This update introduces the Zen Archer class and will launch on September 18th. Players who want to get a head start can pre-register and receive a bunch of in-game goodies! This update also includes the “Echoes of a Song” quest!

Magic: The Gathering – Throne of Eldraine Official Trailer: 7:56

Magic the Gathering Arena is set to receive its newest expansion, Throne of Eldraine, on September 26th with in game pre-release events being held from the 27th to the 29th! Players in MTG Arena can play the Eldraine Courtside Brawl event starting now to get an even earlier start on the fun, which will feature preconstructed decks. Also featured in the new set are a series of new mechanics including Adventures, Adamant, and Food. Wizards of the Coast released a series of videos each detailing how one of these mechanics works which I highly encourage you to check out if you’re a fan of Magic. 

Closers Interview about new character Seth: 8:27

Jason had a chance to sit down with the developers of Closers to talk about the game’s newest character, “The Girl with Two Souls”, Set. Fans of Closers should use the link in the description to click over to and check out the full interview! 

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