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Blade & Soul

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  • goy

    the classes are very uninteresting

  • blehblehbleh735

    super boring game, didn’t even live up to a percent of the hype it had. hit max level in 3 days, did pvp arena for 1 day. got bored, uninstalled.
    if i can hit max level, have best gear, get bored in pvp, in 4 days, it’s not much of a game now is it?
    TERA’s combat feels much smoother, as well as it should, this game is 2yrs older than tera… yet it comes out 2yrs later in america.. lol.. but tera got boring as well but atleast it kept me busy for a month…
    My expectations of a mmorpg: when introduced to the mmorpg world, my friend introduced me to FFXI. 4yrs of my life went to that game, 16hrs a day until i became one of those legendary neckbeards. 2 1/2 years i spent leveling… that’s right 2 1/2 years and i wasn’t max level, i hit lv75 in 9 of 18 jobs, and didn’t have a single job fully merited. my main i had 6 different types of gear i could swap between during battle, after 2 1/2 of just leveling, i got hella bored and my mind was numb from the grind. i spent the next 1 1/2 yrs hunting bosses, farming norm mobs, getting OP gear… in the 4yrs playing i never did get the gear i wanted, homam.
    Then a friend introduced me to Heroes of the Three Kingdoms, a free to play mmorpg that had TONS of pvp, something ffxi didn’t have any of. and i fell in love with the game. i played it all the way until PWI ruined it with many faulty patches that broke the game until they eventually shut it down. i then tried to go back to ffxi… but no pvp the game itself just felt boring.

    my expections of a mmorpg these days: the content of FFXI, but the PVP of HOTK.
    ffxi: thief main, had evas gear, crit gear, dd gear, treasure hunter gear, i had so many gear’s i could swap between and i never had the best gear, something to always strive for. unlike blade and soul that took 3days to hit max level, in 4yrs i never max’d every class or merit in ffxi.
    HOTK: the pvp was just unreal in this game. Territory wars, (constantly fighting for land).. elect a king, open world pvp, guild had their own zones that u could also assault and steal crap from their zones… there was jus so much pvp this game had it was an amazing game.

    my expectations of a mmorpg would be the child of these two mmorpg’s. a game that can keep my interest for years, not days. I want to be able to kill a world boss and have the only sword on the server of that boss. something ppl know who i am when i walk by, ppl go “oh it’s that guy”. not another game where everyone looks like clones, everyone has the same skills, has the same gear, same … everything. “but but but blade and soul!!” dude in pvp u can’t even use ur gear, what the point then in even grinding pve? u dont get to use it.

    devs: make me a real game please.

    • blehblehbleh735

      i guess james blonde agrees with me… (goes to mmohuts) don’t see anything about blade and soul… even since it’s release… nothing about blade and soul, just older games, and black desert…
      *clicks mmorpg’s* ffxiv … blade desert… tera…. … (show more) keeps scrolling down (shows more again) … there’s not even blade and soul there.
      to even find this page i had to “search mmohuts” blade and soul, click a link about a review, and then click the highlighted name “blade and soul” to be taken to this page…
      james hid this game b/c it obviously sucks =/

    • nico_itsuo

      the biggest problem with your comment is that you’re a fanboy, and you haven’t even played the game, and by the way, tera!? are you fucking serious!?! that lolicon fest? that gender/class locked shitty ass game? pfffff

  • nico_itsuo

    my biggest problem right now, is the lack of money and the fact that you have to pick two exact guilds in order to earn money, and everything is getting harder at the moment, but anyways, blade and soul is one of the greatest mmo of the this decade

  • Sona ♥ & Stalks Jayce. C:

    Riddled with Spammers and troll nerds.
    Boring combat. Boring PvE.
    Boring classes. Boring PvP.
    Black Desert will knock this game out the park.
    Everyone’s going to migrate there. The problem is this game doesn’t reinvent the wheel, at all.
    It took too long to release. I got bored at 23 and left. Also it is horribly optimized.
    The hype came, and people are leaving. So you got Black Desert that’s been a hype for a bit and you got more and more info and it’s out next week, that having PvP and all.
    It’ll kill a good percentage of BnS’s population, albeit, the PvP there sucks and there is no PvE endgame…but combat and the sandbox on BDO is fun.

    Case of: You waited wayyyy too fucking long. I want PSO2 out.

  • Anon

    Game is dead NCSoft can’t manage it