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Blade & Soul – First Look

So after two and a half years of waiting (or eight plus years, depending if you’ve been waiting for an English version since its inception), NCWest has finally given North America and Europe a taste of the martial arts madness that is Blade & Soul (B&S), an Asian-themed fantasy MMORPG created by in-house development studio Team Bloodlust and originally headlined by popular Korean artist Hyung-tae Kim, best known for his work on the Magna Carta series. After NCWest revealed an announcement in 2012, the game was put on a hiatus for very undisclosed reasons (although, anyone that has been paying close attention to NCSoft’s track record can easily figure out what caused such a delay). Regardless, NCWest is finally ready to give B&S its chance to shine here in the west, and they’ve been going full force with weekly news updates, livestreams and promotions galore.
Blade & Soul, is set to launch in North America and Europe on January 19, 2016, at 12:00 AM EST. Ahead of the official launch, Name Reservation will be available for Disciple and Master Pack purchasers on January 11, and the Head Start period for all Founder’s Pack purchasers will begin on January 15.
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