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Black Desert Online

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  • Signa

    Pay to win games
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    • fhf

      wartune on 25? seriously? :D

    • Andre Cook

      lol dc universe isnt p2w,… its pay for dlc.. you have to earn everything through rng …that isnt pay to win

  • Tim Benson

    You know this game is really fun I played on the Russain Servers. Class gender locked doesn’t matter cause it’s in the lore. Housing isn’t limited it’s instance based. Get your facts straight please.

  • Chris Pearson

    I am currently giving away 10 CBT2 Keys, if you are still looking for one check out my video.

  • Oliver the Bunny

    To me, it’s alright, but I wish you didn’t have to pay real money for pets.

    And don’t say “You can get them from the marketplace” because they’re NEVER up for sale on there.

    I also don’t really like or care for the community on there, too many “elitists”.