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Black Desert: Twin Classes Released on PC and Mobile

Black Desert Dual Classes

Black Desert has introduced its first twin class fighters – Maegu and Woosa – to PC and mobile. These twins come from the “Land of the Morning Light,” a new region coming this year to the MMORPG.

On PC, new and veteran players can now explore Maegu’s unique Mage fighting skills and alluring fox powers. Release notes can be found here. In celebration of Maegu’s arrival on Black Desert Online, players can now claim J’s hammer item using the coupon code MAEG-UWIT-HAHA-MMER on the official Black Desert website. A powerful fan favorite that’s nearly impossible to acquire, J’s Hammer safeguards a downgrade in enhancement levels for gear in case the enhancement attempt fails.

Meanwhile on mobile, players can now play Woosa, who wields powerful elemental attacks and ancient Do Arts. Details are available here. In celebration of Woosa’s arrival on Black Desert Mobile, players can now claim [Blessing of W] x3 and [Black Pearl x1000 Chest] x3 items using the special coupon code BLES-SING-FROM-WOOK on the official Black Desert Mobile Website (scroll down to “Developer’s Notes”).

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