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Videos Featuring Black Desert Online: Remastered

Weekly Recap 392
Black Desert Online Guardian Awakening
Black Desert PS4 Valkyrie
Black Desert Xbox One Kunoichi
Weekly Recap
Black Desert Guardian Trailer
Black Desert PS4 Shai
Black Desert Succession Trailer
Black Desert for Xbox One - Mystic Awakening
JamesBl0nde recaps the news for the week of November 8th, 2019!
  • Signa

    Pay to win games
    3.Grand chase
    5.Tales Runner
    6.Lost saga
    9.Dragomon hunter
    10.Eden eternal
    11.Aura kingdom
    12.DCUO universe
    13.Need for speed
    14.conquest 2
    15.Cross fire
    17.Dungeon fighter online
    18.Legend of edda
    19.Cosmic Break
    20.Getamped 2
    21.Rumble Fighter
    22.Echo of soul
    24.One Piece 2

    • fhf

      wartune on 25? seriously? :D

    • Andre Cook

      lol dc universe isnt p2w,… its pay for dlc.. you have to earn everything through rng …that isnt pay to win

  • Tim Benson

    You know this game is really fun I played on the Russain Servers. Class gender locked doesn’t matter cause it’s in the lore. Housing isn’t limited it’s instance based. Get your facts straight please.

  • Chris Pearson

    I am currently giving away 10 CBT2 Keys, if you are still looking for one check out my video.

  • Oliver the Bunny

    To me, it’s alright, but I wish you didn’t have to pay real money for pets.

    And don’t say “You can get them from the marketplace” because they’re NEVER up for sale on there.

    I also don’t really like or care for the community on there, too many “elitists”.