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Black Desert Online’s PS4 Edition Releases Major Update

Less than two weeks after the initial launch of Black Desert Online on Playstation 4, a major release has already dropped for the MMO. This update is a free download on the Playstation 4 and adds two new character classes, two PVP feature modes, and a massive world boss to tackle. Two new character classes have arrived, with Musa and Dark Knight, each with their own unique character design.

  • Dark Knight: Dark Knight wields the beautiful but lethal Kriegsmesser and burns through nature’s energy to amplify her power. Using a variety of ranged magical skills, Dark Knight can confuse her enemies and create opportunities for a deadly combo of attacks.
  • Musa: Musa uses a variety of oriental martial arts, focusing mainly on sword skills and his horn bow. Expert swordsmanship allows Musa to unleash quick and deadly combos, making him an incredibly formidable adversary.

The new world boss is Kzarka, the Lord of Corruption, and was formerly sealed in a shrine in Serendia centuries ago. The magic is fading, and a group is attempting to resurrect him. Those who defeat Kazarka have a chance to receive yellow-grade primary weapons. The new modes added to the PS4 edition of the game are Node Wars and Conquest Wars. Node Wars is a weekly event that lets Guilds engage in combat over specific node locations until one victor remains. This supports anywhere from 25-100 players, and the Guild that wins will receive gold from part of worldwide tax collection, for that node for a week.

In addition, guilds can participate in Conquest Wars, a weekly PvP mode that is larger in scale than Node Wars. Players are challenged with controlling the Balenos and Serendia territories by building Command Posts and defending their regions until there is just one Guild left standing. The victors can claim both the Balenos and Serendia territories and will be awarded taxes from the entire region for that week.

“We are very excited to provide this massive content update to our players on PlayStation 4 so soon after launch. They can now enjoy the new character classes, PvP modes and world boss with 20 million other players all around the world” said Robin Jung, Chief Executive Officer of Pearl Abyss.

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