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  • Joel H

    The BEST game ever to grace this planet! The objective of the game is to become a GOD! That’s awesome. You can’t go wrong with this game it has everything. PVP, PVE, “dungeons”, Regions. Fantastic! Just download it.

  • G.Sluis

    i played for 2,5 months and yea it has every thing

    a weekly limit on the EXP you can get in a week or as they call it the spark limit (the things you use to increase you’re prestige that is comparable to a level)

    there ar 4 basic limits
    sparks of insight: those are red green and blue and ar the main reword for completing dungeons and regions, and the main increase in you’re prestige, they increase the amount you get ever week a bit.

    class sparks: once you unlock a class you need to play it in order to get these sparks to be able to get more skills, the limit you get stays the same.

    credit: in game currency, also increases slowly every week.

    partikels of mastery: used to upgrade the gear slots (main,offhand,rings)

    every week the limits in crease slowly so don’t expect to do a lot in a week, Wednesday is the limit reset even after 2 months i capt the limit in 3 days time that left me 4 days with running the same old dungeons for useless items or play another game

    for new players on Saturday there is a catch up event that you get a set amount to replenish
    3 of the 4 main limits (normal sparks, class sparks, partikels of mastery) no credit catch up

    i say useless items because once the credit limit is gone you cant get money for the items you have so they fill up the inventory space once it is full you cant really do a whole lot (sure you can buy more space if you have the credit to do so

    if you get a premium membership, you increase the amount of sparks or credit you get as a reward for completing a dungeon with in terms means the rate you’re limits drop increases
    (so you pay them to play less)

    in short and in my opinion
    sure this game does things differently than other games and it looks really nice but in my opinion not worth the time to create a account

  • recommend a great game