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Ragnarok Online Reopens In Europe Under Publisher 4game

Originally launched in 2002 in South Korea, Ragnarok Online has re-opened in Europe. A new publisher, 4game has taken the game up and published a new version – Revo-Classic. This is the first time that European players have been able to enjoy this particular version of the game. Ragnarok Revo-Classic is already available in Thailand, the Philippines, and the CIS countries. A mix of the classic and modern mechanics, Ragnarok Revo-Classic will have a max level set at 99/70 and does not have 3rd Classes.

In the beginning of Revo-Classic, rewards will be given out for hitting the level cap. The CBT stage server will also have an EXP and Drop Bonus for the first month: +35%! The first player to reach 99/50 will also be awarded the legendary Costume Crown of Legendary %nickname% (without bonus features) and will have the possibility to upgrade their weapons to+7, and armor to +6. 12 sets of awards for players within each classes maximum level will also await. They will receive the Costume Crown of Might (without stat bonuses) and the possibility to upgrade weapons to +7 and armor to+6.

The race winner will be determined according to the time of application to our support with a screenshot confirming that the player has achieved the maximum level. Applications must be sent to the Events section on their website. Pre-order kits are also no longer available, but those already purchased can be activated within a month, after the game’s launch. Right now in the game the available locations are Prontera, Geffen, Payon, Alberta, Morroc, Aldebaran, Yuno, Comodo, Izlude, Umbala, Lutie, Jawaii, and Glastheim. Other territories and classes will be added later. Upgrades will be released progressively, so players can enjoy the old-fashioned Ragnarok they crave, but in a modern way.

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