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Weekly Recap #371 August 2nd – Skyforge, Portal Knights MMO, Fortnite & More!

Notmycar Begins Season 2: 0:31

Skybound Games and NMC Studios kicked off Season 2 of their vehicular battle royale game notmycar this past week on Steam! With this, players can also unlock a car inspired by Telltale’s The Walking Dead for free, until August 2nd, which is today so sorry this news is a little bit late there. In notmycar, players are dropped onto a massive island, where you fight for your life at high speed using a variety of vehicles. The idea is to be the last car standing. A steady trigger finger and a firm grip on the wheel are the way to win in this exciting battle royale game. notmycar originally launched in on Steam Early Access in April 2019 and since then the NMC Studios team has welcomed the feedback of thousands of drivers in preparation for Season 2 which introduces numerous technical improvements and content upgrades including new car classes, two new vehicles, new personalization options, faster matchmaking, and bigger matches.

Vigor Launches 0.9 Update Named ‘Aid’: 1:24

Vigor, a new looter-shooter set in post-war Norway, released a new update this week! Update 0.9, or “Aid” as it’s known, features tightened shooting controls and improved movement animations, food and charity boxes, the Outlander’s Store, and plenty more. The Charity Boxes let players aid other players, by donating food through this new feature, and the Outlander’s Store offers new options for cosmetics. New female-focused game models are also available in-game, to offer more options for player characters and to offer greater inclusion. Vigor is not available yet, but is in Game Preview on Xbox Live, as an exclusive title, although the Free-to-Play release is expected to arrive this summer.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.05 Drops: 2:07

The latest update for Final Fantasy XIV, Patch 5.05 is here, and with it comes Eden’s Gate (Savage)! Perhaps the biggest change in this update was the class adjustments, with quite a few classes seeing improvements. Astrologians, Scholars, Red Mages, Arcanist/Summoner, Samurai, and Pugilits/Monks saw major changes. Machinists and Ninja saw minor adjustments. On the note of healers, healing outside of battle no longer builds the Limit Gauge. Eden’s Gate (Savage) is available to be registered for, and the Item Level requirements (per encounter) are 440, 445, 450, and 455. Completing a raid will see a Treasure Coffer drop, which contains an Edengrace Coffer. This can be used whatever class you’re equipped with at the time. A new Tomestone also arrived in this update, Allagan Tomestones of Phantasmagoria. Players can only acquire 450 of them per week, and 2,000 in total. Phantasmagorian tomestones can also only be acquired with at least one class at level 80. They drop as additional rewards in the Duty Roulettes. There are, of course, bug fixes and new items to be found, as well as PVP changes. The full patch notes can be found in the description below. It’s definitely a detailed update.

GTArcade Announces ‘Hungry Heroes’ Marathon: 3:27

Yoozoo Games and GTarcade are getting ready for a gaming marathon next month, with a goal of fighting hunger. This “Hungry Heroes” marathon is in support of the World Food Programme (WFP) to fight against hunger in the regions that are most vulnerable. Gaming fans will get to enjoy exclusive gameplay features and events during the week-long initiative; by joining in they will be helping to raise crucial funding for the World Food Programme. The premise is simple: the more you play, the more YOOZOO donates. For the GTarcade marathon, YOOZOO has set up a team in the World Food Programme app, ShareTheMeal. All funds raised in the #GTarcade team will go towards operations supported by the ShareTheMeal app. There are three ways that you can get involved with GTarcade’s Hunger Heroes event and help raise money in the fight against hunger and those details are at the site post at, so you’re gonna want to head over there to learn more.

TerraGenesis Coming to the Microsoft Store this Fall: 4:21

Tilting Point and Edgeworks Entertainment are bringing their terraforming mobile game TerraGenesis to the Microsoft Store this fall! TerraGenesis is rooted in real data and science from NASA and has a near photorealistic outer-space experience. In conjunction with this, TerraGenesis has partnered with filmmaker, composer and influencer Melodysheep on a new video that shows off the possibilities of space exploration. A science enthusiast, Melodysheep is known for fusing music and ideas in his videos and remixes, in addition to his famous musical tributes for legendary public figures like Neil Armstrong, Carl Sagan, Bob Ross and more. Pretty cool collab so I figured I’d mention it.

Astellia Online details Cash and Loyalty Shops: 5:01

Astellia Online Closed Beta 2 Thoughts:

The Astellia Online developers have a new blog post, that is focused on the Loyalty and Cash shops. Now that the game is in Closed Beta 2, they introduced the Cash shop to the game, so that players can test it and offer feedback. It is important to note that this is the first iteration of these systems, and they are exploring new ideas and adjusting it based on player insight. They discuss the differences between Gems and Zender, and what you can purchase with them as well as their price for Gems (real-money currency). The full list of currently available items can be seen in this blogpost, as well as the in-game client. Though Beeswax (Un-soul bind items) is shown, it is an error, and will not be sold for real money, just to, you know, clarify.

Echo of Soul’s Summer Event is Back: 5:49

Echo of Soul is bringing summer back, with the return of their limited-time Summer Event. Players can obtain suitable beach outfits and head to a sunny, beautiful island, where fun quests await. Don’t miss out on exploring Manta Reef, cracking coconuts, having water balloon fights and more. Those who successfully complete a quest are rewarded with coins to purchase unique items. There is plenty of beach-themed gear and accessories to purchase from vendors. This event kicks off in the Live.43 update.

Portal Knights MMO Announced: 6:20

Portal Knights is branching out into an MMO! This original IP from 505 Games announced this week that they have plans to team up with Duoyi Network who will publish the new project in China, with 505 Games handling other regions. This announcement comes hot on the heels of the news that the Chinese localized version of Portal Knights sold over a million copies in Greater China. The upcoming MMO will share features with the premium Portal Knights game, with sandbox construction and roleplaying elements while also centralizing more traditional MMO mechanics. Portal Knights MMO will also feature a freemium monetization strategy. A demo of the game will be shown to players for the first time at China Joy in Shanghai from August 2nd through the 5th, so keep an eye out for more details at

Star Trek Online: Awakening Announces Release Date: 7:07

Star Trek Online‘s next update, Awakening will take captains back to the 25th century. September 10th is the release date for PC, with a console release to be announced at a later date. Following the conclusion of Age of Discovery, captains will return to the 25th century and their original timeline. We head to the year 2410, where a mission begins to recover stolen Mycelial technology from J’Ula and the Klingons. Captains can also access Awakening to participate in a series of patrols to repair time rifts, as well as a brand new Task Force Operation and a special Mycelial Event. This event will give players a new T6 Elachi ship for completing missions. During Age of Discovery, players witnessed J’Ula and her Klingon forces stealing Mycelial technology, which pulled them forward to the year 2410. Captains must now follow this ruthless Klingon matriarch back to the 25th century to ensure she doesn’t corrupt the entire Mycelial Network in pursuit of her own dangerous agenda. Sounds like a big mess that needs to get straightened out.

Skyforge Announces Ignition Expansion for September: 8:05

MY Games announced this week that a fiery addition is coming to Skyforge in the way of the upcoming Ignition expansion! This update will add new content and lore exploring the banishment and eventual return of Elder God Kir. The all-powerful mage and his Cult of Flame are going to rebuild their cruel empire, but we can’t let that happen. This expansion also introduces a new class, the Firestarter. This is the first fire-based class to come to Skyforge, and this expansion arrives on PS4, PC, and Xbox One this September. Descendents of Kir’s fire-worshipping followers, Firestarters are ranged damage dealers with an uncanny control over fire magic. they can unleash swift, agile attacks against non-believers, and have a vast assortment of pyromantic spells to deliver onto anyone that stands in their way.

Starborne Opens Up Third Server: 8:55

Starborne, a free-to-play MMORTS with over 90,000 players currently active in its open alpha, has added a third server this week! This new server also serves to commemorate the Black Moon supermoon the Western Hemisphere experienced recently. Starborne is a game where you build an empire alongside thousands of other players, waging war to control your piece of the galaxy. Each game is played over an eight week period across a single, seamless map where alliances are forged and wars are waged to see who can gain control of the most space. The video you see playing here is literally called “What makes Starborne the greatest game you’ve ever heard of” so I’m going to let it do all the explaining. Check it out from the site post at

Spacelords Launches ‘Master of Puppets’ Update: 9:37

Spacelords has a new update to coincide with reaching their fifth roadmap milestone: the Master of Puppets update. This update adds two major changes to the game, the first being the Antagonist Communication system. The Antagonist System has a fifth player controlling the enemy AI against four players, with a goal of foiling whatever mission they are on. With the Antagonist Communication System, Antagonist players can now direct their attacks against specific characters, or complete tasks during a mission, offering a greater variety of ways to stop the other players. The other addition to the game is Aleph Natural Deposits. Aleph is a powerful energy source, only found on the Broken Planet, where all of these factions fight for control. Players can now find the Aleph Natural Deposits around the various mission maps. Securing these is a vital objective, and adds a new tactical layer to the game.
Teppen To Reveal New Hero and Esports Initiative at Teppen Asia Japan Premiere: 10:26

During the TEPPEN Asia Japan Premiere event happening on August 8th in Tokyo, GungHoOnline Entertainment will reveal new Hero and card additions to the game.  This event will also reveal a new esports initiative for TEPPEN. This will add a new Hero to the already impressive list of legendary Capcom characters, as well as their three unique Hero Arts. Along with TEPPEN’s latest Hero, players can expect new cards to expand the existing library, all of which will reflect even more of Capcom’s beloved franchises. With these inclusions, GungHo Online and Capcom will also introduce a wealth of gameplay balances and updates, setting the stage for TEPPEN’s next phase. GungHo Online will also announce TEPPEN‘s plans to enter the esports scene with their first World Tournament. Several fighting game legends will take part in this event, from Daigo “The Beast” Umehara, Justin Wong, and Jaime “Tokido” Taniguchi in a series of exhibition matches. Viewers who watch the stream will also have a chance to win a free TEPPEN T-shirt, so you might not want to miss out on that.

Fortnite – Season X Overview: 11:30

Time has been twisted in Fortnite during Season X, which introduces a host of new things to see and items to unlock. Locations thought to be gone forever are back, but aren’t the same as their original incarnations. Whether you’re nostalgic for the past or excited for the future, there’s something for you in Fortnite’s newest Season update. Purchasing the new battle pass unlocks the X-Lord and Catalyst outfits immediately. Season X will also add new ways to experience Fortnite Creative with new player-created LTMs such as Junkyard Juke and Sky Station Showdown. Save The World will also see a Limited-Time Event, with beloved Fortnite Save The World characters making a treacherous journey to the Radio Station, so they can broadcast their “Song of the Summer”. However, the Storm is deadly, so don’t stray too far from the Hover-Truck. The Locker also makes its way to Save the World! To start off the Season, the Locker will include Emotes, Music Packs, and Loading Screens.

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