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Spacelords Launches ‘Master of Puppets’ Update

Spacelords has a new update with their fifth milestone in the game’s roadmap: the Master of  Puppets update. This update adds two major changes to the game, the first being the Antagonist Communication system. The Antagonist System has a fifth player controlling the enemy AI against four players, with a goal of foiling whatever mission they are on. With the Antagonist Communication System, Antagonist players can now direct their attacks against specific characters, or complete tasks during a mission, offering a greater variety of ways to halt or stop the other players.

The other addition to the game is Aleph Natural Deposits. Aleph is a powerful energy source, only found on the Broken Planet, where all of these factions fight for control. Players can now find the Aleph Natural Deposits around the various mission maps. Securing these is a vital objective, and adds a new tactical layer to the game.

“Master of Puppets is, without a doubt, one of the most expected updates by the community,” commented Enric Álvarez, Game Director. “Raiders vs Antagonist is at the core of the Spacelords experience, giving the game its unique flavour. Now that the Antagonists have all the power of the AI hordes under their command and new strategic assets to control in the form of the Aleph Natural Deposits, the War for the Broken Planet has become much more interesting for everyone, Raider or Antagonist.”

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