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Skybound Games and NMC Studios kick off Season 2 of their vehicular battle royale, notmycar today on Steam, and it’s available for free. With this, players can also unlock a car inspired by Telltale’s The Walking Dead for free, until August 2nd. In notmycar, players are dropped onto a massive island, where you fight for your life at high speed using a variety of vehicles. The idea is to be the last car standing. A steady trigger finger and a firm grip on the wheel are the way to win in this exciting battle royale game.

notmycar originally launched in Early Access on Steam in April 2019 and since then the NMC Studios team has welcomed the feedback of thousands of drivers in preparation for Season 2 which introduces numerous technical improvements and content upgrades including:

●      New Car Classes: Drive a growing roster of vehicles, with each class having their own specialties to match your playing style.

●      New Vehicle – The LIGAR: Take the wheel of this red-hot, faster-than-lightning supercar.

●      New Personalization – Access over 300 vehicle skins, horns, flags and drones to customize your vehicle.

●      Faster Matchmaking: Find other players more quickly than ever!

●      Bigger Matches: Now compete against up to 40 other players at a time.

●      The Clementine – Face off on the battlefield using The Clementine, a new car inspired by Telltale’s The Walking Dead.  Available for free until August 2, 2019 using code: CLEMENTINE on the Store redemption screen.

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