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Skyforge Announces Ignition Expansion for September

MY.GAMES announced today that a fiery addition is coming to Skyforge, with the upcoming “Ignition” expansion. This update will add new content and lore to the banishment and eventual return of Elder God Kir. The all-powerful mage and his Cult of Flame are going to rebuild their cruel empire, but we can’t let that happen. This expansion also introduces a new class, the Firestarter. This is the first fire-based class to come to Skyforge, and this expansion arrives on PS4, PC, and Xbox One this September. Descendents of Kir’s fire-worshipping followers, Firestarters are ranged damage dealers with an uncanny control over fire magic. they can unleash swift, agile attacks against non-believers, and have a vast assortment of pyromantic spells to deliver onto anyone that stands in their way.

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