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Astellia Online Reveals Blog Post Detailing Cash and Loyalty Shops

Astellia Online CBT2 image

The Astellia Online developers have a new blog post, that is focused on the Loyalty and Cash shops. Now that the game is in Closed Beta 2, they introduced the Cash shop to the game, so that players can test it and offer feedback. It is important to note that this is the first iteration of these systems, and they are exploring new ideas and adjusting it based on player insight. They discuss the differences between Gems and Zender, and what you can purchase with them as well as their price for Gems (real-money currency). The full list of currently available items can be seen in this blogpost, as well as the in-game client. Though Beeswax (Un-soul bind items) is shown, it is an error, and will not be sold for real money.

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