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Weekly Recap #378 September 20th – Warframe, ArcheAge Unchained, Ring of Elysium & More!

Steel Circus Releases New Champion in Latest Update: 0:24

Steel Circus adds a new character to the game in their latest update, Galena! The update also included fixes and improvements to matchmaking so that players will have a smoother experience finding opponents. The game also received a 1v1 mode vs bots to help new players get aquainted with the game and its mechanics in a more relaxed setting. In two weeks’ time, there’ll be another update which looks to improve the tutorial as well. These bot related changes also mean that if a player disconnects from a match, an AI bot will show up to take their place. You can also look forward to voice chat in lobbies, team voice chat, and custom lobbies. Each Arena also has a new playfield, so there are new ways to approach every match. For more on Galena and the future plans for Steel Circus, check out Jason’s writeup over on our website,

ArcheAge and TwinSaga Both Celebrate Anniversaries: 1:11

Next, we have two of gamingo group’s games celebrating simultaneous anniversaries! Archeage and Twin Saga are turning five and three years old respectively and there are a ton of events to get involved with to celebrate. Twin saga will be giving out GOld Boosts over the weekend in addition to hosting a Hide and Seek contest. ArcheAge, on the other hand, is celebrating with a contest on Twitter. Players can use the hashtag #CelebrateArcheAge to discuss their love of the game in a video or stream it on twitter for a chance to win an ArcheAge Unchained Archeum Chainbreaker pack or an Echoes of HIram Archeum pack for the free to play version of the game. In addition, there’s the Mirage Isle for players to tackle. Adventurers have to make it to the top of the floating platforms with their Glider Boots to complete the challenge. Then on September 30th, the game will receive the Shadows Revealed update for both versions of the game. This will include the newly revised Elven race and a series of graphical improvements to different areas and combat effects.

World of Warships: Patch 0.8.8 Patch Notes: 2:06

In another bit of update news, World of Warships proudly celebrates their fourth anniversary this week with a brand new update! They’ve even announced a Birthday Stream which will take place on September 20th, 2019 at 12 PM EST. To celebrate, any player who earns their first victory on a Tier X ship can earn super containers! First wins on lower tier ships will also give rewards such as special signals and an exclusive camouflage. New combat missions have also been added in this update; rewards for these include three additional super containers and a container that holds a random Tier VI Premium ship. This new update also features two new Tier X ships: the British Thunderer and the American Ohio battleships. The Thunderer is an alternative take on its close cousin, the Conqueror, and sports 457 mm guns with high shell damage and a quick reload time. The Thunderer’s repair party consumable is less effective than its cousin’s, but it will be able to use it one time more than the Conqueror. The American Ohio has eight 457 mm guns and powerful secondary armaments as well. The ship has a shorter reload time on the Repair Party consumable, and decent armor to boot. Update 0.8.8 also features two Ranked Sprints, each allowing players to earn up to 10,000 coal to be exchanged in the armory for Premium ships. Finally, a host of modifications and improvements are included with the sound system receiving a massive overhaul for a more realistic and immersive experience.

Warframe’s Latest Update Hits Console: 3:35

Console Warframe fans’ wait is over! The Saint of Altra update launched this week giving players access to the latest frame, Gauss. This fleet-footed new frame can blindside even the toughest enemies by generating kinetic energy to power his unique set of abilities. More info on Gauss’ kit can be found on the Warframe official website. Players can also create, record, play, and share music using the Shawzin emote! The popular Disruption mode has also expanded to new planets, mission types, and factions to continue offering a change. Other new features in the update include the ability to create links to their warframe’s look or mods in chat, purchase the Harrow Deluxe Collection in the Marketplace, decorate your clan dojo with an Infected inspired aesthetic, and expand your arsenal of Riven mods from 90 to 120.

Stalker Online Begins Beta Sign-Ups: 4:23

Stalker Online, inspired by Andrew Tarkovsky’s 1979 film Stalker and the classic game series, is now undergoing open beta sign-ups! Stalker Online will transport players to the world of Zone, where the glory of humanity has long since been lost. With resources scarce and dangers lurking around every corner, players will have to navigate a massive, desolate landscape with post-soviet 90’s architecture. Stalker Online will also have RPG elements as players gain experience and develop skills based on their preferred playstyle. There will be occupations to learn, and free trade with other players. Realistic weapons and equipment await, which players can also upgrade. As the game progresses, reputation can be built with the various in-game factions, and players can group up so they do not have to wander alone.

Ring of Elysium Celebrates First-Year Anniversary: 5:12

Aurora Studios is proud to announce a month-long celebration for Ring of Elysium’s first year anniversary! Starting this week and running through October 17th, there will be a series of events for players to take part in. The first of these, during the first week of the event, will allow players to complete a series of side quests to unlock anniversary editions of characters Hikage, Alfonso, Saki, and Stella. To do this, players will be tasked with collecting a series of items that they’ll have a chance of looting from defeating enemy players, boarding the rescue copter, or from airdrop supply crates. Collecting these will earn players the anniversary characters, and will be permanently added to their collection. While the Anniversary Carnival event is active players will be able to participate in various limited-time game modes such as a traditional mode where players will face the extreme cold of Mt. Dione, a special twisted version of the new Battlecar mode that was recently added, as well as two more modes to be revealed in the coming weeks. The free anniversary DLC will contain a thank-you letter, anniversary portraits, and a customized M4A1 skin.

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse Entering Early Access in Late September: 6:15

Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse, the standalone prequel to the upcoming MMO Ashes of Creation is coming to Early Access on September 24th, 2019! Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse will serve as a testing ground for new systems and content for the main game, as well as serve as a multi-mode battle arena game. Initially the game will offer a Battle Royale mode, with plans to include Horde and Castle Siege modes later down the line.

Blade & Soul Storm of Arrows Update Now Live: 6:38

Blade and Soul‘s new Zen Archer class is live, alongside the Storm of Arrows update we mentioned in a previous recap! The update includes a new heroic and raid dungeon, new legendary gear for players to grab, and much more. For a more detailed breakdown of the update you can check out the game’s official website.

Mythgard Enters Open Beta: 6:53

Mythgard is proud to announce that they’ve entered Open Beta this week! Alongside the announcement came a new trailer for the CCG. Mythgard is a card game that boasts deep strategy and a card pool of over 400 cards to choose from when building a deck. There’s a fully single-player story mode, and tons of multiplayer modes to jump into as well. You’ll be able to download the game today via Steam, iOS, Android and web browser.

Albion Online Queen Update Introduction: 7:17

Albion Online‘s Game Director, Robin Henkys, hosted a developer diary for the game’s new content update codenamed “Queen”. This major update for Albion Online will center around an entirely new Outlands map, secret bases for your guild, a new Territory Control system which will replace the current GvG system and allow all members of a guild to contribute to the battle, a newly expanded 5v5 Crystal Realm battle system, and the Smart Cluster queue system. For the full details, you can click on over to for the full 17 minute developer diary in its entirety.

Planetside Arena Launches: 7:49

Planetside Arena has finally launched! Players can pick from an array of unique classes, grab their jetpacks and join in the fray in this massive sci-fi shooter. The game features a swath of vehicles from the aforementioned jetpacks to tanks, ATVs, and more, which allow players to rain death on one another from all angles. If you’re interested in giving the game a shot you can download it now via Steam.

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