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Ring of Elysium Celebrates First Anniversary with Month-Long Events

Aurora Studios is proud to announce a month-long celebration of Ring of Elysium‘s first-year anniversary. Starting tomorrow, September 19th, and running through October 17th, there are plenty of events to take part in. There will also be anniversary editions of characters to pick up and a limited-edition DLC. Players can also look forward to a variety of game modes to challenge themselves in.

During the first week of the anniversary event, players will be able to complete a series of quests to unlock anniversary editions of characters Hikage, Alfonso, Saki, and Stella. Players will be tasked with collecting a series of items that they’ll have a chance of looting from defeating enemy players, boarding the rescue copter, or from airdrop supply crates. Collecting these will earn players the anniversary characters, and will be permanently added to their collection.

While the Anniversary Carnival event is active players will be able to participate in various limited-time game modes such as a traditional mode where players will face the extreme cold of Mt. Dione, a special mode with a twist, to the recently introduced Battlecar system, as well as two more special limited-time modes which will be revealed in the coming weeks. The free anniversary DLC will have a tank-you letter, anniversary portraits, and a customized M4A1 skin.

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