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Stalker Online Announces Opens Beta Sign-Ups

Inspired by Andrew Tarkovsky’s 1979 film Stalker, and the classic Stalker games, Stalker Online will take players into the world of Zone, where the glory of humanity has long since been lost. With dangers lurking, and resources scarce, Stalker Online will launch on Steam this fall. Stalker Online will feature a desolate landscape, with post-soviet ’90s architecture. It will be up to the players to explore the reaches of the zone if they wish to survive. But there are mutants, anomalies, and other players awaiting you.

Stalker Online will also have RPG elements, as players gain experience and develop skills based on their preferred playstyle. There will be occupations to learn, and free trade with other players. Realistic weapons and equipment await, which players can also upgrade. As the game progresses, reputation can be built with the various in-game factions, and players can group up so they do not have to wander alone. Interested parties can sign-up in the link below.

A list of features include:

  • Massive open world
  • Recreated realms of the former USSR
  • Accurate post-soviet 90’s architecture
  • Realistic weapons and equipment
  • RPG elements with experience, skill, and profession systems
  • A player-driven economy with an open-trade system
  • Survive a harsh and desolate environment
  • Encounter mutants and anomalies
  • Solve the mysteries of the Zone
  • Interact and group up with other players or fight against others for valuable supplies
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