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  • Exclusive

    This game is really great. The only downside is it has a really crappy publisher otherwise this game could of beaten World of warcraft ages ago.

  • ASD

    This game looks awesome. Downside is they got a horrible publisher but I really like the content in this game and I agree with @Exclusive this could of beaten World of warcraft years ago if they put more effort into caring about the players and stopped messing up their games.

    • aaand if this game wasnt so FUCKING GRINDY
      i played few months, you think its free to play? hell no to obtain max lvl gear you need to pay for premium account 9 £ /month or have good few years of grinding, and with premium have few months of that too! in wow at least you will go few time you have some chance to get stuff here its a total grindfest , and its person who played 2o2 for 7 years telling to ya
      this game have loads of stuff to do good fun till you will get to point you need to have small farmville which you need to take care of all the time
      i liked to kill same faction players it was great fun customization is op pvp cool pve too
      but this grind
      grinding month or more for 1 piece of eq
      and publisher abandoned this game btw:”)

      • ASD

        I don’t mind the subscription fees since I play World of warcraft. But I’ve researched it a bit and nope. Trion worlds is still the publisher is archeage like they always were since the beginning and XL games has been the developer for the game.

        • i mean i played wow for 7 years so neither do i, but when you pay for subscription and then you still need to grind a lot and you NEED to spend time in it its no fun…it starts to feel like its a chore than fun, tho ofc in wow it happened too but it was in kinda smaller scale. Like when you paid in wow you knew if you try hard you can get good gear when you farm hard for few months, in Archage it felt like you might be playing few months and be still in shite even when you pay…or have skills. I just couldnt bothered to maintain good relations with traders guilds,farms etc etc i liked blood mode tho it was cool, wish they could implement it in wow too :D and criminals etc

  • Paul Ferrer

    i think the article’s “-Limitations on free players seem excessive.” is highly misleading. non-patrons indeed have excessive limitations, but that really is pointless because free to play players are able to buy APEX with their in game gold to get Patron status. F2P players doesnt have to spend real money to get the benefits paying players get.

  • Provatorian-7-

    If you want to go on with f2p aspect, then don’t even think to play this game… I played this game since it’s first release and thought it was a great game…. NAH WRONG! The game collapsed after TRION wanted to make it more p2w game… All cashers (sure a game has to keep up with some money so as to be good) could get the best armor while u had to craft some of it in higher lvls and you would need at least 2-3 months for a piece and if it succeds… Collecting the mats was a pain in the ass while cashers could do it in 1 day… Then people started complaining, match making was unfair cause all skilled players could be 1 shoted by cashers and gamers started leaving the game… And last but not least, the housing system is terrible, if can’t afford the cost, meaning pay to get space etc,etc… All in all the game has many bad things and little of good things… I wouldn’t suggest it to someone as it is now… Also the company sucks… No care is given to players…