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World of Warships: Dasha Presents Update 0.8.8

World of Warships proudly celebrates their fourth anniversary with this latest update. There are plenty of additions, changes, and bonuses to take advantage of during this update. Dasha Perova is here with the latest. Wargaming also announced a Birthday Stream, which will reveal future plans. This will go live on September 20th, at 12pm EST. As a part of the celebration, players can earn super containers for their first victory aboard Tier X ships in this update. First wins on lower-tier ships will also give rewards, such as special signals and an exclusive camouflage. New combat missions were also added, and rewards for these include three additional super containers and a container that contains a random Tier VI Premium ship.

Update 0.8.8. also features two new Tier X ships: the British Thunderer and the American Ohio battleships. The Thunderer is an alternative take on its close cousin, the Conqueror, and sports 457 mm guns with very high shell damage, has good accuracy and a fast reload time. The new British battleship comes with a less effective Repair party consumable than that of the Conqueror but will be able to use it once more than its sister-ship. The American Ohio battleship has eight 457 mm guns and powerful secondary armament. This is combined with a shorter reload on the Repair Party consumable, and decent armor.

Furthermore, update 0.8.8. features two Ranked Sprints, each allowing players to earn up to 10,000 coal to be exchanged in the Armory for Premium ships. Clans will also get their share with two Clan brawls of opposing teams of 3 players on smaller maps for especially intense naval combat. Finally, a host of modifications and improvements are included, with a massive overhaul for the sound system for more realistic and immersive battles, a large increase in the Armory’s stock with the addition of multiple premium ships, and updated maps with new lighting models.

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