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Alganon goes F2P, sort of

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In a special announcement today, Quest Online said that its previously subscription based MMO, Alganon, would be going “subscription free” – that is, free to play once you purchase a box copy of the game, almost exactly like Guild Wars.

The announcement had some choice things to say about F2P games,  saying that the model has “resulted in more choices for gamers, but lessened the quality of so many released products and Micro transactions are now becoming the norm. . . F2P gives the client away so there is zero barrier of entry. This creates a game world where anyone can just come in and do their thing. The drawback is the lack of controlling troublemakers and defining the general social maturity of a game. . . . Even though we are subscription free most gamers prefer to play with others who are committed to the game to some degree.”

QOL will be giving those who subscribed to the game in previous months “Tribute” amounts according to their length of subscription. “Tribute” will be earnable by playing the game as well, and will be used in Alganon’s item shop.

The announcement comes as no great surprise. Alganon was set to launch in October last year, but was pushed back to December 1st. It received many low review scores, and had a very low subscriber base. This move is being made, no doubt, to try to rescue the game from possible collapse from a subscription model.

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