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Weekly Recap #364 June 7th – KurtzPel, APB Reloaded, MapleStory & More!

ATLAS’ Mega-Update #2, ‘Into The Ice’ Available Now: 0:35

Grapeshot Games has announced the second mega-update for ATLAS this week, and it’s called “Into the Ice”! ATLAS is sorta known as the pirate world version of Ark Survival evolved especially since its built on a similar platform and from part of the same development studio, just as a refreasher. But in this second mega-updatre a new Polar Ice dungeon has arrived, and within is the deadly Abominable Snowman Boss. There are also two new mission questlines, five equatorial islands, and discoverable areas. You’ll, of course, need new weapons, and that’s where the speargun and crossbow come into play, alongside the fishing net. Players can look forward to new tameable creatures, the “water carrier” Olfund, and the Giant “armored personnel carrier” Tortuga. This update arrives with a host of bug fixes, QOL, new features, ship structures and so much more. The game had a rough start, but so did Ark so hopefully these mega updates helps push the game where it needs to be.

Project Genesis Announces New Steam Page and Inaugural Development Stream: 1:37

Project Genesis, a mashup of the FPS and space-combat genres, arrived on Steam this past week! A new cinematic trailer is also live on their Steam store page, which grants a glimpse into the future of the game! To mark the occasion, Project Genesis will be releasing their inaugural development stream directly onto the steam store page as well. This session aired on June 2nd and featured live Q&A sessions with the developers themselves. This stream will be the first in a series, so there will be plenty more in the future for you to catch. The goal of these broadcasts is greater transparency in the game’s development by using Steam and its users to create a community-driven development model. For more insight on the game, check out Jason’s write-up on their recent press preview event over on

Project Genesis Pre-Alpha Press Preview

Magic: The Gathering Arena – Season One Frustrating Cards: 2:21

Magic the Gathering fans should also check out MMOHuts’ article on the most frustrating cards in Magic the Gathering: Arena! Learn a little about what you can look forward to when you reach the Mythic level of the ranked ladder!

World of Warships Update 0.8.4 adds Soviet Battleships and More: 2:33

Wargaming has released the latest update to World of Warships, 0.4.8, and with it comes the mighty Soviet Battleships! The new Kreml, Sovetsky Soyuz, Gangut and Knyaz Suvorov join the battleships that became available in Early Access last month and will be mighty armored warships, with powerful weapons. They are best used in close to medium range and are designed for more aggressive playstyles. These ships are leaders on the battlefield and will let their captains penetrate enemy lines, and dole out huge amounts of damage. As part of the continuing “Victory” event, alongside these new battleships comes a special new Soviet Hero commander, Nikolai Kuznetsov, leader of the Soviet Navy during WWII and the 3rd commander with unique abilities in the game, after Halsey and Yamamoto. He is unlocked via a temporary resource, Provision tokens. These tokens can also be exchanged for the popular Tier V premium ship, Murmansk, or new “In The Service of the Motherland containers. Besides regular rewards, containers will also contain elements of the new Soviet collection, which pays homage to Soviet naval architects, and their legacy as shipbuilders. There’s also the new Greece map for Tier IX and X battles. Catch all the details of the update from the dev blog video linked in the description below.
Conqueror’s Blade’s Open Beta Starts Today: 3:57

MyGames and Booming Games have begun the open beta event for Conqueror’s Blade! In this new open-world title, players will control a warlord from 10 classes and head out into the world to shape it in their image. They will have to raise a powerful army, out-maneuver their foes, and climb the leaderboards through hard-fought combat if they hope to leave a lasting legacy. You’ll be able to take part in massive 15 vs 15 siege battles and give orders to troops in real time, as well as participate in a completely player driven ecosystem. If you want to get in on all the action, you can sign up over on the game’s official website. Be on the lookout for more coverage from MMOHuts as well.
Ring of Elysium Teams Up With Alienware for E3 Season 4 Reveal: 4:33

Ring of Elysium has officially announced their Season 4 Adventurer Pass which will be presented at E3 next week in conjunction with Alienware. The upcoming season pass will add three chapters that feature new characters, vehicles, terrains and more. The first chapter released on June 5th and gives players two new seasonal characters – Max and Big Joe. Max is a mechanically obsessed scavenger, and Big Joe was once a robot gladiator, and with a little help from Max, he’s returned to the field of battle. A third character will arrive alongside a drone in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 will have advanced modified vehicles. DirectX 12 is also being implemented in these updates which will improve graphic quality and framerates for players across the board whose cards support DX12. There’s also a new marking system which lets players drop markers as a way to interact with additional ping functions for weapons, equipment, attachments, and more, sounds like they got a little hint of the ping system from apex legends and want to try it on for size.

APB Reloaded Gears Up To Launch ‘APB RIOT’: 5:34

Next week is looking to be a big week for APB Reloaded with the beta for APB RIOT going live as the largest content update since Little Orbit acquired the game. Unfortunately, this update was supposed to release this week but was pushed back for unspecified reasons. The APB RIOT is of course a team-based battle royal mode and has been in the works for nearly a year, and they are excited to get this team-based mode live. In APB RIOT mode, players will need to be wary, since the map will collapse down over the course of the match.  This is a Beta though, and they will be collecting as much data as possible on the mode. Through it, players can rank-up and earn rewards, and new weapon skins. There will also be a RIOT Pass, and an updated reward structures system introduced in the formal launch of Season 1. it’s a pretty battle royal saturated market so we’ll have to hope this mode works out for them.

Guild Wars 2 Reveals Seventh Raid – The Key of Ahdashim: 6:33

An epic confrontation with the fire djinn Qadim will take place in the next raid for Guild Wars 2 – The Key of Ahdashim, which arrives on Tuesday, June 11th. This takes place following the Mythwright Gambit raid, which had players entering the Mystic Forge to help Zommoros defeat his djinn rival. Qadim has invaded the djinn’s home of Ahdashim, with a goal of acquiring its mythical power and lording over the other djinn. Success means he will become a black hole of magical corruption and will infect every other djinn alive, and even the natural world itself. Guild Wars 2 will also add a new open world rewards program where players can earn the Mystic Forge Skritt by recovering special Condensed Lye-Line Essence items from the world bosses around Tyria. Players can also earn Shiny and Ultra Shiny weapon skins to take on Qadim in style. This activity is only available until June 25th, after which the Ley-Line Essences can be purchased from the Exchange Operative in Lion’s Arch.

SMITE Neo Olympia Giveaway: 7:32 is hosting a SMITE giveaway! They’ve teamed up with Hi-Rez studios to give away some really epic Smite skins as well as two Neo Olympia Battle Passes. There’s a couple of days left to enter depending on when you see this video that is, and a total of 7 ways to gain extra chances to win, so make sure you take a look down in the description for your chance to win some free stuff!

KurtzPel Is Now Available Worldwide: 7:57

KOG Games is proud to announce that KurtzPel has officially launched onto Steam’s Early Access program in Europe and Asia. Since the North and South American launches, the KurtzPel team has dropped several major updates, with more to follow. The recent global launch offers quite a few updates. Changes to the Character Stat redistribution system using CP occurred and a major change to Supply Boxes hit. When players gather AP (mastery) respective to these box types, players can purchase the Supply Boxes with CP (in-game currency). The Advanced Supply Box Rates were also adjusted, and each Weapon Advanced Supply Box will have four new weapons.

MapleStory Announces ‘Pathfinder’ Update for June 2019: 8:40

MapleStory has a huge new update lined up for June 26th, 2019 – Pathfinder, which takes place post-Black Mage storyline. With it, players will be able to create the Explorer Bowman class “Pathfinder”, and that’s just the start. Pathfinder pre-creation begins on June 12th and will let players pick their gender, hair color and more before the launch on June 26th. From June 12th until July 23rd, there is also the “Tera Burning Project”, where one new character per account will gain the ability to gain three levels each time they level up. Now through June 10th, players can take on the ‘Return to Adventure’ event, to earn the Adventure Microsite Gift Box. This can be done by clicking the ‘Get Gifts Now’ Button on the page. Additional gift boxes can be received on June 12th, with tons of new and exclusive prizes in them. Starting on June 12th, players can also participate in events like Adventure Bingo, Maplerunner, Reverse Battle, and many more! Through these events, you can work on your Adventurer Tier and collect Adventure Coins to purchase new items in the Adventure Coin Shop. There will also be big changes to gameplay systems to help players at every level in the game including refining tutorial and job advancement quests, improving rewards for low level theme dungeons, and lowering quest requirements for 5th job advancements to name a few.

Astellia Online – Interview Concerning Changes from Korean Version: 9:57

MMOHuts Jason conducted an interview with Astellia Online’s development team concerning changes to the Korean version of the game and how they’ll correlate to the version we will end up receiving here in the west. Most of these changes are in regards to how monetization will affect the in-game experience, you might want to check that out if you’re looking to try the game.

Hearthstone’s ‘Heist of Dalaran’ Chapter V is now Live: 10:17

Hearthstone’s Dalaran Heist Chapter 5 is now live! The magical city of Dalaran is still on high alert, and the Kirin Tor have packed their Citadel with defenders ready to stop your heist no matter what. Our two operatives are the Warlock Tekahn, and George the Fallen. The titan-forged Tol’vir Warlock is set on delivering Dalaran into Rafaam’s hands, and George the Fallen was once a Silver Hand Recruit. Now, he finds himself in the employ of the League of E.V.I.L., ready to take revenge on anyone who had a hand in the demise of his brother-in-arms.

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