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Golden Age reveals character class benefits

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Aeria Games has released new screenshots and details as to the benefits of classes and town-building in Golden Age, its upcoming MMORTS.

Building towns in Golden Age offers over 20 building types which change as the town grows, and each character class offers different building benefits for their towns. Rhine Commerce Guild players will gain four extra buildings to increase resource output, and can sell or trade these extra resources; Ibero Alliance characters can build a facility that offers technological training for traps, pits, and ballistae; and Knights Templar characters can build castle arenas to recruit additional soldiers.

Aeria Games also publishes Last Chaos and Call of Gods.

Golden Age Town Building Screenshots:


Aeria Games Showcases Golden Age Graphics, RTS Gameplay

SANTA CLARA, Calif.  – July 18, 2011 – Aeria Games, a leading global publisher of micro transaction-based online games, today released new screenshots highlighting the town building gameplay of Golden Age, its upcoming Real-Time Strategy (RTS) browser-based title. Golden Age is exclusively licensed to Aeria Games for release in North America and Latin America, and will be published in English and Spanish.

Golden Age delivers a vivid, in-depth rendering of the town-building aspect characteristic of the browser-based RTS genre. Where most games allow players to construct a handful of buildings, Golden Age offers over 20 robust types, each designed to foster kingdom resources in detailed ways. Players can watch their towns literally evolve and grow, as their buildings take on new appearances after reaching level milestones. In Golden Age, different character classes offer varying building options for defense, offense, and resource output.

Golden Age classes include these town-building benefits:

  • Rhine Commerce Guild – Players receive four extra buildings which increase the castle’s output of grain, stone, lumber and iron. Sell or trade extra resources to other kingdoms.
  • Ibero Alliance – Boost castle defense with a bonus facility that offers technology training for traps, pits, ballistae and more, all unique to the Ibero Alliance.
  • Knights Templar – Members of the Knights Templar class can build a castle Arena to recruit extra soldiers for their powerful armies.

Golden Age also features an innovative side-scrolling RPG-style town, detailed real-time maps and war simulators, and a host of quests and upgrade systems. Interested players are encouraged to visit the Golden Age website to sign up for beta testing:

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