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  • Sunset Limited

    1)wait times are stressful, and matchs, sometimes even worse: Players who
    leave the lobby, go afk, do feed, fall, troll, are out or is not affinity with the characters or between the parties, and so it’s all a waste of time, 15 minutes at a time to the games even more than 90 minutes.
    2)some matchs even if you have a very low ping, have the characteristic
    of being incomprehensible skills that start late, damage which do not enter exp that is not acquired, overwhelming opponents with agility, builds damage or defense that seems even to have them conversely to the opponents, etc.
    3)say that there are no cheaters because their gaming system serverside anti-hacking is great, but speedhack, wallhack, maphack, skills fast reload, etc. there are and who knows if he keeps to himself, and in 30 level and league i reported several, although the report seems to be useless, on the contrary careful not to have particular lag of your line or their system could
    ban the contrary you and permanently, needless to say it serves no purpose to request a check or other about. Attention if your operating system or antivirus makes updates while you’re in the game.
    4)if you have more than 60 ping it would be advised not to play this game.
    5)indisputable, smite won first prize for the worst character balancing.

    • Monacid

      You might want to look at heroes of the storm for the last point bud, Also their servers are crap and half the community that plays are d***s but if you can find 4 people through curse that are actually dope then your set. But from your posts its obviouse you don’t have any friends. (who play smite)

      • Sunset Limited

        Stfu, i’m on master league, are you on master? Is best for you go to play LOL :D


    Pros:Its fun
    Con: fucking uncool when one of your teammates quit