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Hearthstone’s ‘The Dalaran Heist’ Chapter V is Now Live

Hearthstone Dalaran Heist Chapter 5

Next stop: The Kirin Tor Citadel! They’re the only target left in the great heist of Dalaran in Hearthstone. The magical city is still on high alert, and the Kirin Tor have packed the tower with defenders, ready to stop your heist, no matter what. Our two operatives are the Warlock Tekahn, and George the Fallen. The titan-forged Tol’vir Warlock is set on delivering Dalaran into Rafaam’s hands, and George the Fallen was once a Silver Hand Recruit. Now, he finds himself in the employ of the League of E.V.I.L., ready to take revenge on anyone who had a hand in the demise of his brother-in-arms.

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