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DFO Global: Now Available With OBT and Events

DFO OBT Part 1 Main Image

Neople, the developers behind Dungeon Fighter Online Global Version have launched the game today, along with several events.

OBT Part 1 Celebration Event
Create a new character and level up to 60 in order to recieve various gifts along the way, including inventory upgrade kits, life tokens and more.

Special Reward Box
Log into one of your characters during OBT Part 1 and recieve a Special Reward Box filled with megaphones life tokens and a special avatar cape.

Bug’s Life
Discover bug creatures out in the game world, as well as report game client bugs with detailed explainations in order to earn rewards including up to 10,000 Cera (cash shop currency)

Dajin Secret Coin
Play and clear recommended special dungeons in order to earn event stamps. Earn enough event stamps to earn secret coins that can be used in OBT Part 2..

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