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KurtzPel Is Now Available Worldwide

KOG Games is proud to announce that KurtzPel has officially launched onto Steam’s Early Access program in Europe and Asia. Since the North and South American launches, the KurtzPel team has dropped several major updates, with more to follow. Today’s global launch offers quite a few updates. Changes to the Character Stat redistribution system using CP occurred and a major change to Supply Boxes hit. When players gather AP (mastery) respective to these box types, players can purchase the Supply Boxes with CP (in-game currency). The Advanced Supply Box Rates were also adjusted, and each Weapon Advanced Supply Box will have four new weapons. Additional information is below.

KurtzPel’s Global Launch Update Includes:

  • 2 new types of PvP missions are available: ‘Practice Probatio’ and ‘Official Probatio’
    • ‘Practice Probatio’ includes 3 vs 3 deathmatches, Capture the Flag, and Conquest modes and allows players to PvP without affecting their rank
    • ‘Official Probatio’ includes 2 vs 2 deathmatches and Capture the Flag modes.
    • Conquest Mode is coming soon to ‘Official Probatio’
  • Players can now inspect other players by selecting “View Player Info”
  • Players will know when they slay their opponent via the new ‘Kill Log’
  • ‘Screenshot Mode’ allows players to hide the UI to take better screenshots
  • Weapons max modification count is increased by 1
  • Karmas (weapons) are now obtained on the first Epic Mission and Karma Crystals (skills) are rewarded for completion of the second and third Epic Missions
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