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Guild Wars 2 Reveals Seventh Raid – The Key of Ahdashim

An epic confrontation with the fire djinn Qadim will take place in the next raid for Guild Wars 2 – The Key of Ahdashim. This will arrive on Tuesday, June 11th 2019. This takes place following the Mythwright Gambit raid, which had players entering the Mystic Forge to help Zommoros defeat his djinn rival. Qadim has invaded the djinn’s home of Ahdashim, with a goal of acquiring its mythical power and lording over the other djinn. Success means he will become a black hole of magical corruption and will infect every other djinn alive, and even the natural world itself.

Guild Wars 2 will also add a new open world rewards program, where players can earn the Mystic Forge Skritt in Lion’s Arch. This is done by recovering special Condensed Ley-Line Essence items from the world bosses around Tyria. Players can earn Shiny and Ultra Shiny weapon skins to take on Qadim in style. This activity is only available until June 25th, after which time the Ley-Line Essence can then be purchased from the Exchange Operative in Lion’s Arch.

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