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Weekly Recap #384 November 1st – Smite x RWBY, Vindictus, Final Fantasy XIV & More!

War Thunder Reveals Update 1.94: Shark Attack: 0:31

The latest War Thunder update, entitled “Shark Attack”, will feature an up-armored Abrams tank. There are some other new additions to the game, such as the legendary helicopters Ka-50 also known as the black shark and Mi-28N. Named after the Swedish word for “barrel”, the J29D Tunnan may have looked clunky and awkward, but it flew gracefully, thanks to the swept wings. J29D and the Finnish fighter VL Pyörremyrsky I think that’s how you say it, I have know idea.. are available as a part of Swedish tech tree preorder packs. The closed beta testing of that tree will start later, with the release of the next major Update. Several nations will receive modern ground vehicles as well, such as the Chinese tree’s ZTZ96. The ZTZ96 has a powerful 125mm smoothbore cannon, supported with a handy autoloading mechanism. Fans of the US Armed Forces won’t feel left out either since they will receive the M1A2 variant of the Abrams tank, complete with depleted uranium armor components. The Soviet tech tree now features the BMP-3, which is a light armored vehicle with a wide array of weapons. Its 100mm primary gun can also launch ATGMs, as well as a 30mm automatic cannon. This cannon has high-explosive incendiary, tracer, armor-piercing and APCR shells to demolish enemy helicopters and light tanks. Is that not enough firepower for ya? Well, it also has a 7.62mm PKT machine gun. Larger-sized ships are also coming to War Thunder, and this time it’s the majestic American heavy cruiser USS Pensacola. This is the first rank V ship in the game. If you’re a fan of military history, don’t miss out on the British light cruiser HMS Belfast. During World War II it was used to escort the Arctic convoys to the USSR and to provide cover for the troops in the famous D-Day landings that took place in Normandy. Pretty nice sized update, and the video at the site post goes into way more detail.

RuneScape Mobile Launches for Android: 2:27

RuneScape Mobile began early access this week, and it’s now available on the Google Play store via the link in the description! RuneScape members who leap into the Early Access program will receive the exclusive Mobile Founder’s Pack. This offers a Steel Panther combat pet, a unique rest animation, and the Radiant Dawn Armour. RuneScape Mobile‘s early access will feature cross-platform between the mobile release and desktop edition, so players can seamlessly move between the two as they will. Done playing RuneScape and want to leap into RuneScape Mobile early access because you need to leave your desk or laptop? It’s never been easier. RuneScape Mobile also has an entirely new UI, that’s designed specifically for touchscreen devices.

TERA’s “Unmasked” Update Launches for Console: 3:20

TERA’s Unmasked update is officially live on consoles and brings some great new content to the game! First, there’s the Guardian League Missions which have players taking to the skies. In the “Rhapsody of Wind and Fire” missions, players fly around, collecting orbs to destroy desert wraiths. Alternatively, there are “Search and Destroy” missions, where players battle alien drones waiting for the mothership to arrive. If you’re after cool new ways to fly, TERA’s Unmasked Update has you covered, with new Dragon Mounts in the TERA Store. A trio of majestic creatures awaits, in both combat and non-combat forms. Both forms of Gloom, Dusk, and Storm provide their riders with HP/MP-restoration while mounted. The combat version buffs players’ Crit Power after dismounting and belts a mighty roar to increase damage against monsters. Players seeking a new challenge don’t have long to wait, either. The Unmasked update offers the Red Refuge dungeon for level 65 players, where they’re tasked with waging war on the Red Riders base. Three BAMs await within, and success has a chance to reward the team with a killer mask, featuring its own set of bonuses.

Legends of Aria Going Free-to-Play: 4:25

Citadel Studios is inviting everyone to come play Legends of Aria, with the arrival of their ‘New Dawn’ Update. The New Dawn Update arrives this November, and with it, all players will have access to Legends of Aria free of charge. Though there will be an optional low-cost subscription that offers several bonuses. While free Legends of Aria is certainly exciting, it is not the only aspect of the New Dawn Update. The Wilderness (a community favorite) is returning, and that’s just the start. More information on the subscription can be found in the link below. This is an exciting change, giving more people than ever a shot at trying the open-world MMO without having to invest money first. Probably how they should have started out, but, you know, that’s how it goes sometimes.

Astellia Online Free Weekend: 5:08

Astellia Online is hosting their second ever free weekend, running now through November 4th. This is a great chance to check out the game for free if you haven’t already and decide if you want to buy it to play forever. This is another game I was expecting to be free from the start but it seems like its harder and harder to know for sure until a game launches these days.

Ship of Heroes Release CCT Silhouettes and Body Types Video: 5:30

Ship of Heroes dropped their fifth and final video to prepare for the upcoming CCT beta! This begins this week, and anyone who has donated 50 dollars or more over the last two and a half years will have access. One of the most-requested features in this CCT beta is the ability to see silhouettes, and fans will get just that. As players go through the fourteen sets of morph (plus height), they can bulk up or slim down. arms, legs, chest and more are available to adjust. Costumes and hair models will also automatically adjust to fit the morphed figure, so it should be a really fascinating thing to see go down in the CCT. The CCT for Ship of Heroes will have more than body morph and adjustments though. You will also be able to customize faces, skin tones, and the character features, so these heroes can look their absolute best. They offer up a new system that boasts that no two superheroes on the FHS Justice will look the same. This testing will last a week, and participants will be able to dive into the game world and explore the first zone, in the form of Apotheosis City. The Ship of Heroes developers are expecting several hundred players utilizing the toolkit, and also have other events planned in-game during this beta test. The actual Ship of Heroes full-game beta is scheduled for the end of 2020. It’s been fascinating to see Ship of Heroes grow from nothing, and we certainly have a superhero-sized hole in our lives, that desperately needs to be filled. Perhaps Ship of Heroes will be the one to do just that.

Dauntless’ Haunted Shadows Hunt Pass is Live: 6:58

Dauntless has been getting spooky just in time for the Halloween holiday, with the Haunted Shadows Hunt Pass that went live recently. Haunted Shadows brings a number of spooky themed rewards to unlock, and also adds a wealth of quality-of-life improvements as a part of the free update. An AFK timer, visibility improvements to the in-game compass are major changes to improve overall gameplay. Hunters can also toggle Patrol Chests on and off if that’s what they wish to do. With Haunted Shadows, Slayers can now earn a full set of cosmetic armor alongside the new “Ghost of a Dog” emote and more. Those who pick up the Elite track will also have an opportunity to unlock a set of armor to flaunt their inner Night Hunter.

Ironsight Tower Update Adds New Mode & More: 7:39

Ironsight dropped a slew of new content this past week with their Tower update. The futuristic online shooter has enhanced bullets, a new map, and even a new mode. That’s only the tip of the iceberg for the Tower Update though. A new primary weapon will breathe new life into the game with the Ballistic Shield. There are also now EMP Bullets to deal incredible damage to drones and sentinels. If you’re a sniper and looking to deal more damage on headshots, look no further than Magnum Bullets. For the competitive-minded, a new Ranked Mode is available in the form of Duel. Players will go at it one on one to rise to the top. The mightiest of the mercenaries will receive exclusive rewards at the end of the season, depending on what rank they achieved. Are you the best in a one on one situation? The Tower Update lets you prove that. In addition, this mode shows off an awesome new map, the official Tower Map. Several new Options and Cameras have been added for Spectator Mode, such as X-Ray, Static Cameras and more. The popular map known as Downtown has been graphically revised. In addition, the update provides new weapon skins and technical improvements overall.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 – Command Your Forces: 8:48

Kingdom Under Fire II released yet another video recently showing off how you can command your forces in this ambitious addition to the franchise. You can recruit units from 12 factions to stand behind and offer up strategies to, as you level them up. You don’t have to leave them as-is though, because their gear can be improved, and these units can learn new abilities. It’s up to you to create a colossal war machine to demolish all of your foes in epic RTS battles. Do you want archers? scorpions? Maybe ogres and wizards? Kingdom Under Fire 2 has you covered. I know its an older game and it took its sweet time coming over to the west but only in this case, better late than never.

Vindictus: New Hero Belle Now Available: 9:28

There’s a new playable hero in Vindictus this week named Belle! She uses powerful heavy attacks with her mighty Battle Axe to send opponents flying, knock them down, and dish out tons of damage. From the looks of things Thor would be proud!

FFXIV 5.1 Patch Now Live: 9:46

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers received its first major update this week with Patch 5.1, Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty. The update itself includes a mountain of content, including the next chunk of the Shadowbringers main storyline. There’s a new 24-Player Alliance Raid called “the Copied Factory” inspired by the world of NieR. Square has also added a New Game + mode which allows players to revisit old content while keeping their current character level and gear. This extends to Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers content. There’s a new Hades extreme trial and a brand new dungeon too called “The Grand Cosmos”. Aside from all the new content, there’s a huge pile of quality of life and balance changes to boot. For the full breakdown, check the link in the description below.

EVE Aether Wars Pre-Registration Has Begun: 10:34

The next phase of EVE Aether Wars is on the way, aiming for a record-breaking pre-registration phase. They want to push the boundaries of what’s possible in Cloud Gaming. Don’t miss out on the “Largest Ever Fight” in Gaming on November 23rd, 2019. To pre-register, you can click the link below and wishlist the game on Steam.

Smite hits all platforms with new skins from the RWBY Crossover and Isis remodel: 10:53

A much anticipated crossover event has started in Smite a few days ago. The RWBY update as its called features four crossover skins from Rooster Teeth’s popular anime show RWBY. Thanatos, Freya, Amaterasu and Terra trade skins with Ruby Rose, Weiss, Blake, and Yang  along with special voice packs to go with the look. But these aren’t the only skins, infact Christmas has come early in this department, new awesome skins for Scylla, Da Ji and Ganesha will be available as the Odyssey delivers them going into December. The other major part of this update is the remodel for Isis. The Egyptian Goddess of Magic will have a completely new model, card art, rig and animation set and the mastery, recolor, and shadow skins will of course, all be updated with the new model. Classic Isis has been added into the game as a new skin preserving the old base model for those that still prefer that  look. It’ll cost ya though!

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