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TERA’s Unmasked Update Takes Flight on Console

TERA‘s Unmasked Update officially drops on console today and will bring some terrific new content to the game. A new addition to the game is the Guardian Legion Missions, which have players taking to the skies. In the “Rhapsody of Wind and Fire” missions, players fly around, collecting orbs to destroy desert wraiths. Alternatively, there are “Search and Destroy” missions, where players battle alien drones waiting for the mothership to arrive.

If you’re after cool new ways to fly, TERA’s Unmasked Update has you covered, with new Dragon Mounts in the TERA Store. A trio of majestic creatures awaits, in both combat and non-combat forms. Both forms of Gloom, Dusk, and Storm provide their riders with HP/MP-restoration while mounted. The combat version buffs players’ Crit Power after dismounting and belts a mighty roar to increase damage against monsters.

Players seeking a new challenge do not have long to wait, either. The Unmasked update offers the Red Refuge dungeon for level 65 players, where they’re tasked with waging war on the Red Riders base. Three BAMs await within, and success has a chance to reward the team with a killer mask, featuring its own set of bonuses.

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