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RuneScape Mobile Begins Early Access

RuneScape Mobile Begins early access as of today, and it’s now available on the Google Play Store via the link below. RuneScape members who leap into the Early Access program will receive the exclusive Mobile Founder’s Pack. This offers a Steel Panther combat pet, a unique rest animation, and the Radiant Dawn Armour. RuneScape Mobile‘s early access will feature cross-platform between the mobile release and desktop edition, so players can seamlessly move between the two as they will. Done playing RuneScape and want to leap into RuneScape Mobile early access because you need to leave your desk or laptop? It’s never been easier. RuneScape Mobile also has an entirely new UI, that’s designed specifically for touchscreen devices.

Jason Millena, Product Director at Jagex said:

“The release in Early Access is a massive moment in the on-going development of RuneScape Mobile. Players have been hungry to be part of it ever since we began the invite-only closed beta and now we’re ready to welcome RuneScape’s millions of players, to our living game world on mobile.

“Given RuneScape’s 18-year long heritage, in addition to being recognised by Guinness World Records for ‘The Most Prolifically Updated MMORPG Videogame’, to have the whole of RuneScape running on mobile is a massive achievement. We couldn’t be more excited to launch in Early Access and welcome those who know RuneScape the best – our members.”

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