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PUBG Mobile Announces ‘Player Well Known’ Invitational and Championship Series

PUBG Mobile will be hosting 16 high-profile streamers and content creators on August 17-18th, at 8 pm PDT. This will take place across Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook, and they will compete in this two-day tournament in hopes of feasting on a coveted chicken dinner. Viewers can vote for their favorites in the link below. In addition, Tencent Games and PUBG Corp announced the first-ever PUBG MOBILE Player Well Known Championship. This is a tournament that takes place across six regions (Europe, Asia, North America, South America, et cetera). The PWK Championship is made up of the Qualifiers, Preliminaries, Regional Finals and World Finals.

To participate, a player must have more than 1,000 fans or followers across specified streaming platforms but can form a squad of up to three other players with no requirements. A team of officials will select teams from all regions based on a point system to participate in the World Finals to compete for the PWK Championship. n addition to certain prizes, winners will become part of the official PUBG MOBILE squad and have access to promotional resources for streaming. We will have more information on the PUBG MOBILE PWK Championship at a later date.

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