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Elsword’s New Secret Dungeon: Hamel’s Temple of Trials

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Elsword Secret Dungeon SS

The hit free-to-play action MMORPG Elsword, invites players on an adventure like no other. Delve into the Secret Dungeon of Hamel… Temple of Trials. A secret temple hidden in the dark, watery depths of Hamel, the Temple of Trials takes our adventurers on a hair-raising journey through a side of the majestic Hamel that is both ominously beautiful and terrifying all at the same time. View the new video here.

With this update comes a total overhaul to Elsword’s Secret Dungeon system. With the new Secret Dungeon system, some of the most difficult yet rewarding dungeon experiences in Elsword become more accessible and easier to navigate for players level 60 and up. If you and your friends are masters of the dungeon crawl, then Secret Dungeons are designed with you in mind. However, with the addition of the new Secret Dungeons, only those who brave the dark atrocities that plague the Temple of Trials will unlock the final chapter of Hamel epic, the city of water… Chung’s home.

Hack and slash your way through the infernal ranks of the demon army and discover the origin of the ominous shadow that’s been cast across the land by the fallen White Colossus. The best of the best will discover brand new Armor with new set options, weapons, titles and gear the likes of which have never been seen in Elsword before. You will not be alone, for those who are pure of heart and soul, the Water Priestess Sasha will join the fray and casts buffs that reduce damage.

The new Secret Dungeon update has a new, easier way to enter. Like all new Secret Dungeons, to enter Temple of Trials all Hamel dungeons must be completed on the “Very Hard” difficulty level. Then, players must slay monsters and complete dungeons to acquire the “Luto’s Secret Key” item. Once players have these keys, they will be able to enter the Secret Dungeon. Secret Dungeons will be available in two difficulty levels “Normal” and “Hell.” The “Hell” difficulty will require two of Luto’s Secret Keys to enter.

For the veteran Elsword players that traverse Secret Dungeons to gather Bethbites: there’s no more need to scramble collecting scads of the different types of Bethbite pieces. Now, there is only one type of Bethbite piece to attain, and you can earn Bethbites by completing quests! Exchange Bethbites with Luto to craft and trade. The old outdated Bethbite pieces can be traded in as well.

The enemies have grown stronger and more cunning, the landscape has become perilously savage, the stakes have never been higher, and the way to becoming one of the greatest heroes in Elrios has become harder than you can possibly imagine. Join in the quest to unlock the most exclusive dungeons in Elsword, and the most lavish treasure in the land will be yours for the taking. The Hamel Secret Dungeon: Temple of Trials!

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