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  • Hiraji

    CLUS2468JHGN dont works for EU servers

    • Taishi

      Key does not work

  • Ah Anime

    is the site down ;x

  • Whita

    Pay to win games
    3.Grand chase
    5.Tales Runner
    6.Lost saga
    9.Dragomon hunter
    10.Eden eternal
    11.Aura kingdom
    12.DCUO universe
    13.Need for speed
    14.conquest 2
    15.Cross fire
    17.Dungeon fighter online
    18.Legend of edda
    19.Cosmic Break
    20.Getamped 2
    21.Rumble Fighter
    22.Echo of soul

    • Erick Ordoñez

      hearthstone pay to win? you want everything you give it away ? I do not see the pay envelopes to win the gold you can buy not necessarily real money with the same adventures passes for 700 golds wing and Eloa pay to win haha seriously ? it shows that as much as the Eloa hours and have played one parde hours and come here to mourn are paid to win and by the way if was before maplestory pay to win but in the new server reboot stopped being so please go to mourn away :)

    • LOL

      Dungeon fighter online is NOT pay to win,eloa and HS are not p2w too!
      the hell you talking about

    • Jack the ripper

      Perfect World is the biggest pay to win flyff isnt anywhere near that level of p2w!

    • Aleksandar Pettkovic

      sadly yes and true

  • jamouyi

    whats the expiration date on this code,and how long does mail last until it is deleted

  • fugc
  • Humanoid

    (MMORPG Dead)
    The Community used to be fun to talk to people on online and now they are completely Cold-hearted Community who don’t care about the Storyline, Gameplay, Artwork, in online games nowadays. The MMMORPG is completely Gone dead same for the other Genre Games that lost there meaning in the spotlight. I see people just throwing money almost everywhere when a new Game is created by a developer who only make big Cash Greed off there product games. You people have become the most less knowledge human being in history for supporting bad Company like Nexon and other Company that you see on the Game news site.
    There is a lots of Crappy Games being throw on the market for Cash grab very easy as hell. I mean now they are trying to make another way to milk more money from you people. The (Free to play limitation) is another bad habit to milk people wallet plus the game become very (Grind fest field) which is Very Boring to most player in MMO Games. I hope you people learn to stop supporting bad Developer and play a real for game that not trying to become a big Pay to Win or Pay for Power in games Until then MMORPG Games Genre will remain the Trash Can. There lots of problem out there in video games.
    6 type of Problem in Community that die out in Games mostly.
    (1.Hacker, 2.Exploiters, 3.Bug Abuser, 4.Cold Community, 5.Bots, 6.Gold Spammer,)

    • Aleksandar Pettkovic


  • goy

    you forgot the gender locked classes

  • Pedro Fernandes

    fucking game, brawlers only female char. and reaper only for that stupid race -.-

  • candesco

    TERA used to be a great game with lot of activity, though with some trashtalk as well. When i started with this game it was quite active. Played on the NA servers of EnMasse, since i don’t dig gameforge (who handles the EU servers of TERA, as well as Aion). I played on Ascencion Valley, made a castanic warrior. Joined a guild as well, though the guild was not so fun. Joined some groups to do instances. Then it started to become less crowded. Quit myself for a while and when i came back it was not that active anymore. Few people in lumbertown and that area used to be full of people. Then i quitted for the time being and so far i haven’t returned. Meanwhile bluehole decided to change the starting island and turned that one into a high level area. Bad choice.

  • is this game p2w ?

    • i think too late to join tera now.