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Ship of Heroes Tease CCT Silhouettes and Body Types

Ship of Heroes dropped their fifth and final video to prepare for the upcoming CCT beta. This begins on November 1st, and anyone who has donated 50 dollars or more over the last two and a half years will have access. One of the most-requested features in this CCT beta is the ability to see silhouettes, and fans will get just that. As players go through the fourteen sets of morph (plus height), they can bulk up or slim down. arms, legs, chest and more are available to adjust. Costumes and hair models will also automatically adjust to fit the morphed figure, so it should be a really fascinating thing to see go down in the CCT. We cannot wait to see what the players come up with in this testing phase. You can be sure some incredible creations will come to life.

The CCT for Ship of Heroes will have more than body morph and adjustments though. You will also be able to customize faces, skin tones, and the character features, so these heroes can look their absolute best. They offer up a new system that boasts that no two superheroes on the FHS Justice will look the same. This testing will last a week, and participants will be able to dive into the game world and explore the first zone, in the form of Apotheosis City. The Ship of Heroes developers are expecting several hundred players utilizing the toolkit, and also have other events planned in-game during this beta test. The actual Ship of Heroes full-game beta is scheduled for the end of 2020. It’s been fascinating to see Ship of Heroes grow from nothing, and we certainly have a superhero-sized hole in our lives, that desperately needs to be filled. Perhaps Ship of Heroes will be the one to do just that.

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